City of Coronado

The California Senate voted to hold a third hearing on SB 479 during their final meeting of August. Time constraints related to other senate issues led to a final yes/no vote on the bill not taking place before the end of the Senate session. There is some expectation that the state Senate could be called back into session after Labor Day to resolve unfinished business. If that were to happen, the status of SB 479 could be resolved at that time.

On June 26 of this year, the Coronado City Council approved a package of $22 million from Caltrans to take over the operations of the two state roads. Another transfer of $9.3 million from the fiscal year 2020-2021 was approved for a total of $31.3 million to cover the yearly maintenance. SR 75 runs from Glorietta Boulevard near the toll plaza to the city limits by Imperial Beach. SR 282 runs from Orange Avenue to and including the 300 block of Alameda Boulevard.

When, and if, the city takes possession of the two state highways it will take over their maintenance and any liability. Both SR 75 and SR 282 are vital to the U.S. Navy which uses the two highways to transport materials and personnels between the Coronado bases including the newly opened Navy Campus on Silver Strand.

Deanna Spehn, policy director for Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins of the 39th district was at the June 26 council meeting. She expected that the State Legislative action and the final California Transportation Committee approval could all happen by January 2021 and the city could take control of the two state roads.

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