Public Art Walking Tour App Contest Winners ...

Rita Bowcock is the delighted recipient of the top prize in the Coronado Public Art Walking Tour App contest, winning a luxurious night in the penthouse suite of the Glorietta Bay Inn, value $700.

Coronado is brimming with happy winners from the Public Art Walking Tour App contest. The challenge was to post selfies with at least 3 of the 75 artworks dotted around the island and suddenly dozens of smiling faces were reminding us of the joy that art can bring - capturing our imaginations and adding a little color and flair to our daily life. So many of the statues, sculptures, mosaics and paintings can be viewed al fresco and at a safe distance, so this really was the perfect, purposeful activity for our times.

The contest was masterminded by Coronado Public Art Commissioner Brad Willis, who amassed $3,000 worth of prizes designed to spotlight local businesses. Saturday, Aug. 8, he hosted a Zoom call with all the entrants and Rena Clancy and Belinda Jones of the Coronado Chamber of Commerce picked winners at random from a giant shell!

Rita Bowcock was buzzing with delight to win the $700 value prize of a night in the luxurious penthouse suite at the Glorietta Bay Inn. She has had many visiting friends stay at the historic hotel but is now looking forward to hosting a family celebration on the expansive marina-view terrace.

Kitty and John Sexton visited 56 of the 75 artworks, using the app to plan new routes for their daily 6-mile walks. Their dedication and vigor paid off and they triumphed with two prizes - Wine & Paint for four at Emerald C Gallery and an $85 value Community Center pass. Of course many of the artworks are dog friendly and two pups came to pick up their prizes - Yorkie Cruzer can now enjoy coffee at Amalo Brew and 5-month old Maverick will soon be seen chowing down Nicky Rottens!

Speaking of dining out, Jennifer Ware was thrilled to win a $50 gift card for her regular haunt the Night & Day Café. “I love their fish tacos!” While for Heather Mason the $50 gift card for Little Frenchie’s was a big treat as she has yet to enjoy their fine French fare.

The Chamber office at 1125 Tenth Street is where all the gift cards and goodies are being distributed. Call 619-435 9260 to make an appointment to collect your prize if you are one of the lucky winners listed here:

Amalo Brew $10 Gift Card – Sindy Schiller, Emily Lacken Foster, Rachel Acuna Parr, Irini Vulakh. Clayton’s Bakery & Bistro $25 Gift Card – Moira Ryan May. Nicky Rottens $25 Gift Card - Jennifer Conway Evans, Elsie Hammond, Linda Southard, Amel Esposito. High Tide Pizza $25 Gift Card, T-Shirt & Pizza Candy – Sara Kate Miller Ruddick, Nadia Sloan, Katie Dwailabee. McPs Irish Pub $25 Gift Card – Becca Kofonow. Wag’NTails $25 Gift Card & Dog Treats – Ken Fitzgerald, Ceci Lusky. Fair Trade Décor $25 Gift Card – David Lowenberg, Sheila Baran. Emerald City Surf Shop $30 Gift Card – Kyle Chin. Orange Avenue Beach Towel $30 – Amanda Marie. Night & Day Café $50 Gift Card – Jennifer Ware. Costa Azul $50 Gift Card – Alisa Kerr. Little Frenchie $50 Gift Card – Heather Mason, Renee Simpson. Garage Buona Forchetta $50 Gift Card – Brittany Alfred Hout. Clayton’s Bakery & Bistro $50 Gift Card – Arianna Gonzales. Parks & Recreation Tennis Center Sessions $80 – Briana Olsen, Parks & Recreation Community Center Pass $85 – John Sexton, Parks & Recreation Boathouse 8-Punch Pass $100 – Dani Schwartz, Coronado Island Film Festival Classic Movie Pass $125 – Marissa Delrose. All Day Golf Cart Rental from Coronado Golf Carts – Alex Hernandez, Emerald C Gallery Wine & Paint for 4 $160 – Kitty Sexton. Coronado Yoga & Wellness One Month Yoga Pass $165 – Alexandra Polles. Coronado Island Film Festival 2021 Film Fest Pass $175 – Adam Lowenberg. TrustedHousesitters One Year Membership $189 – Alexa Smith. Parks & Recreation Golf Cart for Four – Cindy Lemieux. Glorietta Bay Inn One Night in the Penthouse Suite $700 – Rita Bowcock.

Runner-up prizes for everyone who entered: Coronado Dad or Coronado Mom license plate frame from the Coronado Chamber of Commerce.

Congratulations to everyone involved! (And to Coronado for having such an art-loving community!)

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