Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) was developed by concerned Coronado citizens in early March 2020, when the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was raising concerns. N2N was envisioned and designed to be a simple “phone tree-like” program, easily understood, implemented, and maintained by Coronado citizens. Its principal purpose is to improve critical communication between the City and its citizens, and provide a mechanism for neighbors to be more connected to and look after one another, particularly in times of crisis. As such, N2N can, with minimal effort, be easily re-energized in response to any kind of future crisis and provide invaluable communication and support for neighbors. N2N is a reflection of what makes Coronado so special.

For ease of execution, N2N divided Coronado into 173 sectors, called Blocks, encompassing the Cays, Shores, Naval Bases, and Village. The Block design was meant to take maximum advantage of neighborly contact. The map provides a breakdown of the N2N Blocks.

Key to the success of the program are the volunteer Block Captains who were responsible for delivering letters/forms to residents in their Blocks informing them of the program and inviting them to sign up for the program; creating a contact roster for their Block, which they could then share with those residents; and sharing information to stay up to date with communication from the City. Any Block Captain will tell you: the job does not involve a lot of work and can be very rewarding. Each Block has its own personality. Some are more social; others very quiet. Some have organized socially distanced get-togethers to get to know neighbors. Many participated in Make Some Noise, Coronado to celebrate our first responders early in the pandemic. Now that N2N is well established, Block Captains’ duties mainly involve reaching out to new residents and relaying to their residents information provided to by the N2N organizers roughly once a month.

N2N now has Block Captain vacancies (vacancies are highlighted in pink on the map). If you live in one of these Blocks and wish to serve as a Block Captain, please email Amy Steward at

It is important to maintain N2N as a communication network in case of a future disaster. Maintaining a simple neighbor to neighbor network makes communication faster and more efficient; it also creates opportunities to assist neighbors in need. A heartfelt thank you to all Block Captains.

The following individuals are available to answer questions you may have about N2N or connect you with your Block Captain.

Cays - Dawn Richards,

Navy Housing - Eve DePree,

Shores - Kathleen Hanlon,

Village - Dan’l and Amy Steward,

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