After a Coronado High School (CHS) student found a piece of a bullet at the football field on Tuesday June 7, local police investigated the incident and determined there were no known threats to the school or nearby campuses. Coronado Police worked in collaboration with the San Diego Police Department and the Coast Guard to sweep the campuses, bringing in support such as gun detecting dogs, “out of an abundance of caution,” according to Coronado PD’s Public Information Officer, Lea Corbin.

Corbin reported that as soon as officers were made aware that a piece of a bullet was found on campus, the department deployed all available personnel to provide a presence on and around the involved campuses, initiating a command post for police, fire and school officials to manage the incident.

“It was pretty straightforward,” said Corbin. “We found a piece of a bullet, and took precautionary measures. We wanted to be proactive, and were able to contact our partners in law enforcement.”

“Our children’s safety is our number one priority in the community,” she concluded.

As for the bullet itself, Coronado PD reported that it was a projectile, or the piece of ammunition that travels down the barrel when the cartridge is fired. The bullet was not connected to a cartridge, nor did it appear to ever have been fired. It is unknown how long the bullet had been on the field.

Coronado PD addressed the incident amid the national context of the Robb Elementary School shooting in a statement to The Coronado Eagle & Journal. “Since the horrible events at Robb Elementary, the Coronado Police Department has been providing an increased presence around both our public and private schools. Last week’s incident is an example of how the police department and the schools work together to safeguard our students,” they said. “We have open lines of communication so we can immediately collaborate when the need arises. We have a dedicated School Resource Officer who interacts with students and staff.  When appropriate, we work with our neighboring agencies, and our State and Federal partners to enhance school safety. The police department has a responsibility and a duty to take all threats seriously and respond appropriately.”

VOL. 112, NO. 24 - June 15, 2022

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