You may have seen the Coronado Police Senior Volunteer Patrol (SVP) in one of our vehicles, either the truck or patrol car marked “volunteer.”

If you have seen us on occasion stop and leave a warning on someone’s vehicle that is what we are there for. Leaving a warning notice is a courtesy to our residents, meant to help you avoid fines and tickets.

We write notices for such infractions as a missing front license plate. California law states that you must display a front license plate which was provided to you when you obtained your rear license plate.

We stop and remind people that their registration has expired. The SVP will remind you that your month sticker may have faded beyond recognition. This requires a trip to the DMV with your registration where the sticker will be replaced at no fee.

Another not well know fact which will provide you with a warning is the covered plate. It is illegal to have your license plate covered with plastic or plexiglass.

If signs are posted for “head in parking only,” you will receive a warning notice if the SVP comes by and your vehicle has not complied with the instructions.

There is a law that you park no more than 18 inches from the curb. Should your vehicle be out in the street further than the 18 inches, you may receive a warning. Should you be on a busy street where you would obstruct traffic it could result in a traffic ticket or even a towed vehicle.

I hope this information on what the SVP does while out on patrol brings you up to date on some of the known and little known reasons why we patrol our streets. Remember we are here to keep you both safe and informed.

For more information, or to become involved in the SVP, please call 619-522-7350 or email

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