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Amanda Savatski is one of our first responders who has been a dispatcher with the Coronado Police Department for two years. Not only is Amanda part of the Police Department (PD), she has been an officer in the Naval Reserves for eight years as a Master At Arms.

The Coronado Police department is a vital part of our community and the stories of those who dedicate their lives and time to protecting us should be shared.

Amanda Savatski is one of our first responders who has been a dispatcher with the Coronado Police Department for two years. Not only is Amanda part of the Police Department (PD), she has been an officer in the Naval Reserves for eight years as a Master At Arms.

“I began being a dispatcher when I was deployed on active duty to Bahrain from 2017-2018”, said Savatski. “I spent my time dispatching at the military base there covering the security duties. I truly loved what I did during my deployment, and wanted to continue once I was back in the U.S. I only applied to the [police department] in Coronado. I was drawn to the community and to the size of the Navy presence on the island”.

This 27 year old Wisconsin native moved to San Diego in 2018 and takes great pride in her responsibilities at the police department and the Naval Reserves. “At the PD, we dispatch mostly traffic, theft, minor crimes and DUI’s in Coronado, but we respond to medical calls as well,” said Savatski.

When asked if her job can be stressful, Savatski responded very calmly with “every day is different. I suppose I envisioned a different answer, but this is a very calm and composed dispatcher and Naval officer. It changed my mind about the dispatchers I see on the episodes of “911” from TV!

“We are always ready for anything because any day will bring a completely different scenario. Even though we may not have the exact experience to work off of, we are trained for anything and prepared to respond,” said Savatski. She is also is part of the protection of the Naval base through her security duties and the military PD.

While speaking with Amanda, we began to discuss the enormity of the island of Coronado. It appears so small but there are so many crevices and pockets that no one sees and that need to be protected by our officers, dispatchers, and medical personnel.

“We work together in conjunction with Naval calls and they will ask us for assistance when needed,” said Savatski. “The PD has a great relationship with the Navy here and it is an important relationship to maintain.”

Savatski went on to explain that all sides work together to maintain the safety of the community we live in. “Our objective as dispatchers is to ensure that our officers go home safely; that is our responsibility”, said Savatski.

When thinking about the areas of Coronado that we as locals and visitors enjoy, the lifeguards and beach patrol cannot be forgotten either. “The lifeguards handle the majority of the calls that come in,” explained Savatski. “However, we have the ability at the PD to dispatch through the lifeguard radio system and send officers to them when needed. We work together to provide mutual aide whether it’s medical, police or additional resources like a helicopter.”

Like every other part of our lives in 2020-2021, the police department and the staff are also required to follow strict COVID regulations. The staff is required to wear masks in all public spaces, temperature checks are taken regularly, and employees will submit to testing if needed. The dispatch area is covered by a minimum of two people, one who takes the actual call and one who mans the radio information coming in to the department.

While Savatski is certainly busy as a Naval Officer and a dispatcher, she participates in community events as well. She enjoys participating in a large-scale training exercises with her co-workers at the police department. This event enables people to see what dispatchers and officers do in their jobs and how the department works together to maintain a safe community.

It’s an eye opening experience when you spend time meeting people within your community. Backgrounds are different, goals and ambitions vary, and dedication to so many causes are impressive. Meeting Amanda Savatski certainly makes me sit back and admire her as a person and as part of the Naval Reserves. I asked Amanda about being in the service eight years now and what her plans were for ending or continuing that service.

“I love being a part of the reserves”, said Savatski. “I can stay in as long as possible and that is my plan. I am here for my citizens and my country in both of the jobs I do, I am a bridge between the two. I joined the Navy to be a greater person, see the world and help people. I love communicating with others, and even though it may not be easy sometimes, I love to problem solve and we all work together to make that happen”.

Thank you to Savatski and all the Coronado Police Department officers, dispatchers and staff that keep us safe on this island we call home. We also thank our military staff past, present and future for their dedication to our country and its citizens.

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