Carrie Downey

In the last 10 years I, along with the other City Council Members, voted to:

• lower the speed limit on Third and Fourth Streets to 25 mph

• narrow the traffic lanes by adding curbside parking on Third and Fourth

• add bike racks on Orange

• adopt a Bicycle Master Plan for the City

• add count down timers at 10th and Orange

• study and then construct the roundabout on Pomona.

These are the types of measures the majority of residents support.

There is no magic ball that will allow us to turn back time and get rid of the bridge, or decrease the number of Navy personnel and tourists that visit our Island. Growth arrived in Coronado with the arrival of the Shores, the Cays, and the Bridge allowing many more people to come enjoy, work and then live in our community then had been possible in the days of the Ferry. But it has not been just Coronado that has had to adjust to an ever increasing amount of people and resulting traffic. The County of San Diego estimates the population in the county will continue to grow by over 1 million people in the next 30 years. We no longer have 2 car families, we have 4 car families because our children and sometimes grandparents live in the same homes and all drive. As a city, county and as a society we need to continue to improve mass transit, carpooling opportunities, and bicycle facilities to address the increased number of vehicles on all our roads.

Parking: The Coronado Hospital has set up valet service for its patients and recently, thanks to a generous donor, leased parking for employees at the Coronado Marriott to remove employee parking from the surrounding homes. I believe Coronado should work with the businesses on Orange Avenue to set up similar off-site employee parking as well as a Valet service for the 100 block of Orange to test the concept. City codes do not currently allow either of these measures to qualify as parking under the Orange Avenue Specific Plan. I believe the City should review these options and possibly change the parking regulations.

Carpools: While on SANDAG I wanted to put a carpool lane on the bridge in a future capital project list. I was told that until there is a carpool lane the entire length of the 5 it would only cause traffic congestion in both directions during rush hour and would not be supported by CALTRANS. Towards that end I voted to approve plans that funded the construction of carpool lanes on Interstate 5 to get us closer to getting a carpool lane on the bridge, not in the next 10 years but probably the next 20. If elected I will resume my pressure to study the requirements for a bridge carpool lane so that when the carpool lanes on Interstate 5 are complete, we can hopefully decrease the amount of single occupancy vehicles on the roads in Coronado. I personally filed comments to the Navy Campus EIS suggesting Naval Base Coronado should be required to give every employee information about monetary incentives to use mass transit and carpools.

Speed Limits: The City is reviewing the need for an additional traffic light on Third and/or Fourth closer to the bridge. I would like to study as part of the process a step down speed on the bridge to slow people down before they enter Coronado. I believe we should have one universal 25 MPH speed limit on all Coronado Streets. There are still 2 segments in the business district higher. We should drive 25 mph on Third and Fourth Streets to encourage other drivers to do the same. The government studies the average driver speed on state highways to determine the appropriate speed for the conditions. If we want to keep a 25 mph speed limit we all need to observe it, lest it is determined based on actual driver behavior that the speed limit should be higher. We will only be able to maintain our walkable, bikable, safe community by investing in smaller focused solutions and actively participate in using them. This is part of the solution that can be accomplished by each of us, every day. If elected I will continue to advocate for increased speed enforcement, effective proven traffic calming measures and to push carpooling.

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