Matt Hanlin Returns To Coronado ...

Matt Hanlin, President of Impact Activities tennis management firm and former Coronado tennis pro, looks forward to a return to Coronado as the new concessionaire managing the city’s tennis center.

The Coronado tennis community is looking forward to a new concessionaire bringing a more user-friendly experience to the Glorietta Tennis Center. After the previous firm opted not to renew its contract to run the pro shop, the city decided to seek a more comprehensive management package that includes tennis services and programming.

Three firms submitted proposals to the city and after a multi-step evaluation a selection committee (two members from the tennis community and two from the city) determined the tennis management firm ‘Impact Activities’ to be the most qualified; citing significant industry experience along with ties to the community among reasons for the selection. City council voted last week to authorize the city manager to negotiate a contract with Impact Activities.

Impact Activites President and Executive Director Matt Hanlin is not new to the Coronado tennis scene. Hanlin, a former professional player, settled in San Diego to coach after his playing career. He was hired by former Coronado Recreation Services Director Linda Rahn in 2010 to serve as the city’s Head Tennis Professional. 

After two years in Coronado, Hanlin moved to Texas to grow his business managing municipal tennis facilities. He returns to Coronado with ten years of management experience and an impressive track record of success. Impact Activities has won multiple industry awards and has grown into the largest public tennis facility management and development company in Texas, managing seven public tennis facilities.

Hanlin will be coming back to some familiar faces.

“We were sorry to see him leave Coronado but are very excited to have him be involved in our tennis community again,” said Coronado Tennis Association [CTA] Membership Director Debbie McBride. She and her three children took lessons from Hanlin before he moved. “He was a great teacher for people of every age. He made tennis fun for kids and adults alike,” she added.

Former CTA president Jennie Portelli, who worked with Rahn to bring Hanlin to Coronado a decade ago agreed, “He still has many friends here. We are thrilled he is returning to Coronado. He is so genuine, professional, and his tennis knowledge is stellar. Having him as our Tennis Pro in 2010 was awesome! We’ve now gone full circle and Matt is back!” 

Hanlin is excited to be back in Coronado and looking forward to reconnecting with many old friends. “A big part of what we want to achieve in Coronado is the grassroots efforts to reach out to the young people to get involved in tennis,” he said. “We always do an assessment of specific needs of the community. We will start with surveys and feedback before making any significant changes.”

Hanlin plans to bring in fresh perspective and new ideas, but is adamant about keeping what works. “We have three really good locals who already know the facility and the people. We will work from there,” he announced. 

Hanlin has already spoken with current employees. He plans to hire Pro Shop Manager Moises (Mo) Orozco to expand retail elements. USPTA Pro Joel Myers will be the Tennis Director, overseeing all things tennis. Samantha Nelson, who works in the office, will manage programs and facilities.

One change that will occur right away will be the implementation of a new robust online call system for booking, which will replace the inefficient and often frustrating current setup of calling, leaving messages, and returning calls. Hanlin also intends to improve customer service with a free app that will be used for notifications and booking. 

Hanlin lives in Texas with his ten year old daughter Dakota and six year old son Dalton but plans to be in Coronado to implement start up changes and new systems with the local team. He will come back as needed and at least quarterly, and also plans to bring visiting professionals to Coronado. He is planning a ‘Meet the New Management’ event in early spring.

The combination of facility management and tennis expertise will be a welcome change at the Glorietta Tennis Center. Hanlin is friendly and approachable and his tennis credentials are exciting; he was an All-American player at the University of Washington (and most winning player in school history), a top 400 ATP world player, and former practice partner to Serena and Venus Williams. 

CTA President Sheryl Munning is looking forward to new opportunities for local players. “The Coronado Tennis Association is encouraged that a team of professionals with years of tennis experience will be managing the city facilities and expect they will bring new and exciting products, events and group play to the Coronado tennis community. Our CTA Board of Directors looks forward to working together with Hanlin, Meyers and Orozco to provide fun play and competition to Coronado’s avid tennis players.”

With better weather and easing coronavirus restrictions all on the horizon, the tennis courts will soon be very busy. The pro tours are back in action and the locals are ready to compete again too. Hanlin and his Impact Activities team are looking forward to bringing a better experience, more opportunities, and a new generation of players to the Coronado courts.

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