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Hundreds of Coronado citizens attended the Cottages at the Cays resort proposal public outreach event on Thursday, November 3.

On Thursday November 3, developer Keith Mishkin of Cays Resort, LLC held the first of two public meetings regarding a proposal for a resort at Grand Caribe in the Coronado Cays. The Coronado Cays Yacht Club hosted the meeting, which had many Cays residents in attendance.

Mishkin and members of the public relations team representing the development project, Falcon Strategies, had various tables set up with graphics of renderings for the proposed Cottages at the Cays layout (previously labeled as an RV resort) and were able to answer questions for guests. Additionally, cards were available for guests to provide feedback on the project to be reviewed by Cays Resort, LLC as well as by the Port of San Diego.

The Port currently leases the property in question at Grand Caribe to Cays Resort, LLC, and has final say over any proposed project for that space. Port Department Manager, Christopher Anderson, stated, however, that public input is a very important part of the decision making process for them. Anderson was also present at the meeting and mentioned that the Port will be reviewing all public comments from this meeting and the follow-up public meeting on December 3, as well as public comments through the Port when the item is up for discussion at a Port board meeting in their consideration of the proposal.

Previously the Port has rejected a resort proposal from Cays Resort, LLC – the Inn at the Cays – in 2020 as not aligning with the updated Port Master Plan, which includes encouragement for projects to have broad-based community support. Information available at the meeting on November 3 stated that the new proposal for Cottages at the Cays was determined through the feedback on the previous Inn at the Cays proposal, with a scaled back design to reduce guest density and include more park space.

The Cays Resort LLC and PR team for the project are hoping these public outreach meetings will garner constructive feedback from residents regarding the project. “We can’t do anything with, ‘no’,” Victor Avina, senior associate of Falcon Strategies, said. “But if there are concerns with traffic, for instance, then that’s something we can work with to review and possibly make adjustments.”

That said, there are residents who are opposed to any commercial development in the Grand Caribe neighborhood. A table was set up outside of the event by the Coronado Cays Homeowners Association (CCHOA) where people could sign a petition supporting a plan that would see the property returned to the Port when the lease expires in 2034, and then be used to expand the natural habitat of Grand Caribe Shoreline Park.

The petition garnered 234 signatures on the evening of the event, and the petition continues to be available for residents to add their support to at the CCHOA office in Grand Caribe at the Cays.

A couple of Coronado’s city councilmembers as well as the city manager were also present at that event, and the City is following the ongoing developments of this proposal. The City also expects to provide some form of input on the proposal when the Port officially discusses the item at their board meeting.

The Cottages at the Cays proposal will have a second public outreach meeting on Saturday, December 3 (location and time to be determined) where the public will have another chance to provide input on the project. To stay up to date on further information regarding the next meeting, check the City’s website at For more information regarding the specifics of the Cottages at the Cays development proposal, please refer back to our August 15, 2022 article available online at:

VOL. 112, NO. 46 - Nov. 16, 2022

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