The following letter from Superintendent Karl Mueller was sent to Coronado Unified School District staff and families on Tuesday afternoon. the superintendent held a zoom meeting with all district staff at 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 8, to deliver the news and set expectations for distance learning over the next two weeks.

We are making the difficult but prudent decision to temporarily suspend on-campus experiences for students and return to full-time BRIDGE instruction, effective immediately, through Dec. 18, start of Winter Break. 

We have no evidence of any COVID outbreak on any of our CUSD campuses. Having no outbreaks on campus is a result of high safety standards, consultation and partnership with public health officials, and a committed staff whose care and concern for our children cannot be overstated. The decision to suspend on-campus experiences is directly tied to an increase of positive cases impacting those within our shared CUSD community. The operational efficiency of our schools is essential for safe learning environments. New cases are approaching a level we fear may eventually jeopardize our ability to adhere to protocols and supports designed to keep our staff and students safe. 

Our reopening strategy was designed to be responsive to changing circumstances, prioritizing continuity of learning and, as such, we anticipate a seamless transition back to BRIDGE. Village and Silver Strand Elementary students will remain with their current teacher and class schedules will shift to the BRIDGE structure. Coronado Middle School and Coronado High School students receiving in-person enrichment and intervention supports will continue to do so via the BRIDGE platform. We appreciate your patience with our schools and staff as we transition quickly back to full remote learning.

Our actions are deliberate and consistent: Safe and responsible decision-making, a return to school as efficiently and as safely as possible, and to preserve, to the best of our ability, continuity of instruction with limited disruption.

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