The Coronado Unified School District Governing Board issued an amended version of its June 20, 2021 statement concerning the post game incident that occurred in the Coronado High School gymnasium after the championship basketball game against Orange Glen High School on June 19, 2021.

The reissued statement reads as follows:

Dear Orange Glen Community,

On behalf of the CUSD Governing Board, we extend a full and formal apology to the Orange Glen High School athletes, known as the Patriots, as well as their peers, parents, teachers, and staff.

The CUSD Governing Board supports the statement of Superintendent Mueller.

The referenced statement issued by Superintendent Mueller on June 20, 2021 reads as follows:

I was appalled to learn that immediately following the basketball game last night, members of our community were involved in an altercation and unsportsmanlike conduct which included throwing tortillas at our visitors from Orange Glen. This behavior is reprehensible. We cannot allow anyone in our community to be made to feel unwelcome and we send our deep and sincere apology to the Orange Glen community. The individuals who participated in these actions do not reflect our school district values. I want to make it clear that there is no place for such conduct in Coronado Unified School District. Swift action will be taken to address all those involved, and they will be held accountable. It is our hope to create opportunities to dialogue with the Orange Glen community in an attempt to repair. We are hopeful that this experience can be used as a teachable moment to educate our students on the impact of words and actions, and to reflect and learn from it to move forward to increased awareness and respect to match our high expectations.

CUSD remains steadfast in our determination to create an environment in which all students and staff feel safe, valued, and respected. We have a commitment to stand against any act of bias. We all still have important work to do in order to achieve our mission.

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These liars are leaving out the racist and bullying behavior of Orange Glen students. Karl Mueller is a liar and needs to be removed. He is playing politics with your kids lives.


I am also a Coronado Parent. I humbly request all Nado hoop fans to stop accusing the OG players of racism. It did not happen. Our son ia a member of the team, is African American, and played in the championship game. At no time was he or any other players on our team called racial slurs during the championship game by the OG players. Players from both teams conducted themselves respectfully up to the final buzzer of this hard fought Championship game. Our athletes and our town are hurt by these kind of lies and smears of our opponents. Our boys will actually be competing in gymnasiums across San Diego this year and will be wishing to compete honorably for our town under a spotlight and under significant pressure. These kind of comments are detrimental to those efforts.


False. The video proves you wrong. Additionally, Orange Glen dumped at least one drink on Coronado residents. Additionally, pictures were taken by assistant coaches and posted online. An Orange Glen fan picture also made it to the anti-white Black Hammer group. Death threats were made against innocent Coronado children.

Antrim and Sernas were in cahoots. The school board was warned of faked racism narratives in the weeks prior.

The School Board uses false accusations to target their political opponents.


False? If you have a video of OGHS players using racial slurs against our players, please share it.


The school board letter was clearly an emotional reaction to the immediate statements on video by the attendees who perceived the tortillas being thrown as racist or disrespectful. They may have perceived it that way especially in the context of the profanity, arguing and disrespect being shown by the coach, the players not shaking hands, etc. Looking at the video, the tortillas are clearly NOT thrown up in celebration at the conclusion of the game, as Ms. Keszei falsely continued to repeat in the last board meeting and many members of the community continue to state. Indeed they were not thrown at the final whistle at all. They were only thrown later, after the arguing between the adults. And they were clearly thrown in the direction of people, not tossed straight up like confetti. Does that mean they were thrown due to racism? NO and one would need evidence of that intention to state it was anything more than unsportsmanlike. It was too much to call the behavior “egregious” and completely too far to state that "racism, classism, and colorism which fueled the actions of the perpetrators." I’m glad that the board has recognized that fact and revised the apology and wish they had done so sooner without months of antagonism which harms our community.

Two wrongs never made a right. Continuing to call people “liars”, to point fingers at the other team, and further to believe or repeat that people who have lived and worked in the community for years would have a long range conspiracy (to what end or goal? You never say when you attack and defame the board members, superintendent or community members character), rather than to accept that people simply got emotional and are fallible makes you seem completely irrational. This situation caused people to react emotionally rather than thoughtfully and those of you who are continuing to address this situation with hyperbole or spin instead of facts are only perpetuating it. It is on video that the CHS coach approached the OG coach angrily and that some CHS players threw tortillas. That’s it. Nothing more and also nothing less. There should have been an apology for the unsportsmanlike behavior and any faults of the hosts and that’s all. The coach could apologize for his heated remarks. IF OG had unsportsmanlike behavior as well, that is for THEIR community to deal with. If we are actually looking to resolve this, there could be an acknowledgement that since disrespectful comments were made, we can see why the interpretation of the tortillas might have been what it was. Those who threw them could clarify by stating that their intent was not racist in any way and they just got caught up in the moment & threw items at hand and are sorry for doing so.

As rational adults, we have all had times where emotions cause us to react and misunderstandings occur that we have to clear up with others. We could teach young people how to pause, reflect and make things right to move forward which would serve them well in the future, instead of what we are teaching them with this wasted time and lack of resolution due to continued blaming and arguing. Are you actually looking to resolve this and move on?


Thanks MikeS. Very well put. Agree wholeheartedly, that we do need to make this a teachable moment and move on. However it is not the responsibility of the OGHS community to investigate lies coming from our community and defend themselves. It is for our community to stop the lies and own our part in this mess. We must call out the lies otherwise they become accepted as truth. There were no racist words thrown at our black players (my son is one of them). That is a lie. While we are at it, another prominent lie, that the boys who threw the tortillas were "not even on the team," or "JV players," or "14 year old Freshmen" are also lies. These boys were in uniform and on the Varsity roster - not 14, not Freshman. And I will stand up for these and all our boys as a witness to their character to anyone that they are not racists. I believe 100% that they did not have racist intent when they threw the tortillas, but certain they now acknowledge the hurt they have caused and how others could feel the act itself as racist and are remorseful for that. Our boys currently do not have a Coach or any school official helping them navigate the way forward while every HS team in the County is preparing for their upcoming season. I am encouraged however, because they do have each other, and for now that will have to be enough. Go Islanders!

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