Coronado Unified School District, like most district’s in San Diego County, is facing a critical shortage of substitutes in both certificated teachers and classified staff.

“There are many days when we are scrambling for adequate supports and are pulling staff from across our district to cover classrooms because we can’t find substitutes,” said Human Resources Director Armando Farias, who noted that Covid protocols for quarantine are a primary factor in the need for substitutes.

In an effort to build a pool of substitutes to help keep schools open, the CUSD Governing Board approved a temporary increase in substitute pay rates. “Our priority in asking for the pay increase is to ensure our daily rates are competitive with other districts in the area,” said Farias.

The new rates for substitute certificated teachers: $200/day; and $225/day for long-term (10+ days).

The new rates for classified positions are: Instructional Assistant - $16.07-$17.16/hour; Assistant Behavior Health Care - $16.63-$18.48/hour; Custodian - $16.49-$18.27/hour.

“It would be really great to tap into our local community members to come in and help us out. We have a wealth of resources in Coronado who would be great substitutes in our schools. I encourage any and all interested to apply.” said Superintendent Mueller. “Serving our students in this capacity is an incredibly important and rewarding experience.”

All positions are posted on For more information please contact Armando Farias at

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