School Reopening Guidance

Coronado Unified School District had an opportunity to provide shareholders updated information regarding the 2020-2021 school year and the reopening of our Coronado schools. CUSD facilitated five town hall meetings, one for CUSD staff and one for each of the four school sites. The virtual town hall meetings, held via Zoom, were well attended and followed a similar format, including a short presentation covering reopening protocols, guidance and plans, and an informal component that allowed for district officials to respond to questions that staff and parents submitted ahead of the town hall meetings during the prior week.

CUSD shared that the reopening of our schools is dependent upon the guidance and expectations set forth by the California Department of Public Health, the California Department of Education, the San Diego County Office of Education, the San Diego County Public Health Office and also the conditions that will be negotiated with the district’s two labor unions, ACT and CSEA. Each of these organizations work collaboratively with California state officials to develop guidelines that must be adhered to in order to safely reopen our schools.

As outlined in Governor Newsom’s July 17th press conference, any county that is on the COVID-19 watchlist will be required to reopen school in a virtual environment. San Diego County is currently on that watchlist and as a result, CUSD will be reopening schools on August 27th using a virtual learning model.

During weekly collaboration meetings with the CUSD Fall Task Force that began convening in June (consisting of CUSD classified and certificated staff), CUSD has been drafting detailed reopening plans for the following three learning options: On-campus learning, hybrid learning and virtual learning. Guidance and expectations set forth by our local and state officials will continue to determine what learning plan CUSD is able to implement. During the town hall meetings, CUSD officials reviewed specific expectations that must be incorporated into each learning option, including:

(1) Live interaction and instruction five days a week,

(2) Published instructional schedule for structure, planning and continuity of learning, and

(3) Ensure all safety protocols are in place for staff and students (face coverings, social distancing guidelines, sanitation and disinfecting protocols, hygiene practices, symptom screening and temperature checks, etc).

Prudently planning for all three learning scenarios will enable CUSD to pivot seamlessly once San Diego County is off of the COVID-19 watchlist for at least fourteen days.

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