Whitney Antrim


“What do you see as the three most important (long term or short term) issues facing public education, specifically in Coronado Unified School District?”


Public Education faces unprecedented challenges at this crucial moment.  I see the three most urgent as follows:

Safely returning our kids to school

Children need to be back in school learning, and parents need to be working instead of trying to be teachers, but teachers need to be safe and supported, and we all need to remain healthy. Open communication and improved use of technology will assist us. The district should set up a system of testing and have policies to protect everyone’s health. All of these decisions should be data driven. Some experts believe safeguards as basic as opening windows to create air flow can improve safety - we have ample green space in Coronado to hold class outdoors - let’s get creative!

Reversing declining Enrollment

CUSD enrollment was in decline before COVID and continues to drop. The answer to low enrollment is not to cut programs, but instead to attract students. We can accomplish this by strengthening current programs to encourage local families to stay in the school district and encourage students from other districts to transfer here. A thriving school will improve the community and increase property values. 

Providing a world-class education despite a lack of funding

Looking past 2020, recovering and rebuilding after the pandemic-driven fiscal crisis will take creativity, determination, and vision. As a dedicated public servant, I am confident I can navigate tight budgets and manage resources. As a skilled negotiator, I am hopeful I can build compromise. As a trustee, I will work with other board members toward a common goal of improving the school. 

If elected, I promise to work hard to solve these problems. As a Coronado native from a military family, I have the history, experience, enthusiasm and drive to help CUSD navigate into a brilliant future!  I would be honored to earn your vote, Coronado. Please vote Whitney Antrim for CUSD!

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