Whitney Antrim


What is your perspective on the current deficit spending pattern of CUSD?


Long-term deficit spending should be a concern to all Coronado residents. However, with the promise of Basic Aid in the next five to six years, that spending has provided a means to maintain some of CUSD’s most cherished staff, educators and programs. The District has shown creativity and resourcefulness in handling the devastating shift that came with LCFF (Local Control Funding Formula implemented in response to the Great Recession circa 2011).  

What concerns me most is the possibility that the State once again changes the funding formulas to delay or even eradicate Basic Aid. This possibility is very real given the economic downturn we have experienced and that we will be living with for many years to come. That could be devastating.  

As a public service attorney, I am adept at navigating dramatic changes in laws and managing resources. I have led teams adapting to unfunded mandates passed by the California legislature. It can be incredibly challenging and requires a leader skilled in such matters. It is vital that CUSD operate as a public service to our community - not a private corporation. The ideal board member has experience as a public servant, adept at handling these challenges. I am that candidate. Moreover, I have completed post-graduate work in both law and business, including finance and accounting. If you have any questions on this important topic, please don’t hesitate to contact me through my website at www.whitneyantrim.org. I respectfully ask that you vote for the best candidate for CUSD - Whitney Antrim.

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