Stacy Keszei


The CUSD School Board plans to assemble a committee of school system stakeholders to put together and execute an Equity Action Plan. If you had the power to choose one member of this committee, who would it be - and why?


As a board member, I would choose a person to fill any committee position based on three factors. 

The person must be a data-driven decision-maker. Schools are responsible for educating our children and helping develop good citizens within our community and country. Using analytical data as a basis for making complex decisions is crucial to obtaining outcomes that reflect a fact-based narrative, not false narratives being pushed by outside groups or individuals. 

This person must have a strong moral compass and subscribe to a value-driven process of ensuring all children are given the tools and support necessary to thrive in their educational career. 

Any person filling a committee position in CUSD should be committed to a servant based leadership model as a team member. This means that they must put their own views and desires to the side and make decisions based on data that strengthens the school system as a whole while supporting the students and stakeholders.

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