Nick Kato


As a school board member, you will represent the public’s voice in public education. What are some ideas you have to accurately and fairly represent the public when your constituents have conflicting points of view?


One of my favorite things about my campaign for CUSD School Board has been meeting with members of the community about issues that are important to them. I believe that understanding the diverse needs and perspectives of the constituents is a fundamental component of serving on any board--so much so, that it is the main focuses of my campaign.

Having been a leader in a large, international organization, I have had the great honor of being exposed to people with many different perspectives, priorities, and goals. Within this role, I prided myself on bringing diverse groups of people together to find ways to creatively solve problems and build opportunities that benefit not just my own group, but the majority of stakeholders involved.

As our schools continue to navigate these uncharted waters, it is reasonable to expect that there will be (and already are) a diverse array of fears and concerns within our community. I believe it is important to understand that these conflicting concerns come from divergent needs—and the first step towards finding a productive way forward is to begin with empathy and understanding. From the onset of my campaign, I have made active efforts to meet with and talk to people with diverse views on various topics related to the health and well-being of our schools. Although these conversations may not always be comfortable, I find that the most uncomfortable ones can be the ones in which I learn the most. I may not always agree—but I can always try to better understand.

If elected to School Board, I can commit to the residents of Coronado that I will always make myself available to members of the community to hear them out and understand their concerns. In addition, when the School Board is presented with an issue, I commit to presenting the myriad of views and perspectives that I obtained from the community to the other members of the School Board, so they too can consider these perspectives. Finally, when forming a view on an issue, I promise to carefully consider all sides and that my perspective will be not be based on party politics, but on what I believe to be balanced and fair, considering the many different needs of the community.

It has been an honor running for CUSD School Board, and I encourage anybody interested in learning more about me and my campaign to reach out to me directly on my personal cell phone, 619-403-2923. We can do a phone call, Zoom/FaceTime meeting, or a socially distanced meeting on my front porch and/or in other locations around Coronado. I learn something new at each meeting—and I honestly look forward to meeting with you to discuss issues that are most important to you.

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