Alexia Palacios-Peters


As a school board member, you will represent the public’s voice in public education. What are some ideas you have to accurately and fairly represent the public when your constituents have conflicting points of view?


I look forward to representing the interests of all of Coronado’s students, teachers, and citizens. Vibrant debate is a healthy and essential part of our democracy, and something we need to model for our children. We have little control over the hyper-partisan vitriol in our national politics today, but we can still strive to practice civility, decency, and mutual respect here on Coronado.

People need the opportunity to be heard. Currently, parents and other community stakeholders are only able to address the School Board once a month, and they are given a three-minute limit on their comments. Debate on important issues can be protracted and deciding on action can drag out for months. If elected, I pledge to hold regular office hours to make myself available to hear all points of view.

Additionally, opportunities need to be created for all viewpoints to be heard in a timely and civil manner. Finding common ground and compromises are best done through in-person conversation. I believe that bringing both sides of an issue together will promote civility and collaboration when making difficult decisions.

Lastly, I would determine the effect any decision made would have on our district family – primarily our students. Any decision made must take into account whether it best supports the education and well being of our students.

As a school board trustee, I will operate transparently and approach every issue and every constituent with an open mind. I believe that all points of view must be heard to make an informed decision. I may not always agree with you, but I promise that I will always listen to what you have to say and treat you with respect. Any decision I make will be done with transparency, and will support the best interests of our children.

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