Is there a book you’d like to recommend for the next Coronado Community Read? The Coronado Public Library invites readers to submit suggestions for the 2021 Community Read Program through September 21, 2020 by visiting the Coronado Community Read Website at

Now entering its fifth year, the Coronado Community Read is a program designed to unite the community through the shared reading of a single book. The idea is to encourage discussion and participation through a robust series of fun and fascinating events planned with community partners. Partners have included Friends of the Coronado Public Library, Cultural Arts Commission, Coronado Historical Association, Coronado Unified School District and Bay Books.

Library Director Shaun Briley views the Coronado Community Read “as a wonderful opportunity to encourage and cultivate a culture of reading and connection through a shared experience. Our intention is to enrich the lives of participants and help to strengthen the fabric of our community.” 

The idea of a community read began in 1998, when the Washington Center for the Book in Seattle hosted author Russell Banks for four days of programs and discussion about his novel, “The Sweet Hereafter.” Since then, communities all over the United States have increasingly embraced the notion of civic unity through the reading of literature.  

Past Coronado Community Read titles include, “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot, “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline, “The Practice House” by Laura McNeal and “The Library Book” by Susan Orlean. Each year, the Community Read Program continues to draw in more of an audience while encouraging literacy and community bonding.   

Nominated titles should appeal to individuals from a variety of backgrounds, have compelling elements and promote the exchange of ideas. A complete explanation of the criteria applied to selections can be found on the Community Read website.  

The Coronado Community Read committee looks forward to receiving a variety of nominations and will review the titles, apply the criteria and ask Coronado Book Clubs and community members to help select a finalist later this fall.  

Submit your nominations and learn more about the Coronado Community Read by visiting the Coronado Community Read website at

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