It is difficult to imagine that it has been a year and a half since Coronadans danced and sang together on summer evenings in Spreckels Park. Coronado Promenade Concerts [CPC] is the non-profit organization that produces and manages the summer concerts-in-the-park series; a tradition in the community for five decades. CPC President Cathy Brown said that although the pandemic temporarily brought the gatherings to a halt, the CPC Board has remained active and is prepared for the future.

“We have continued to meet and we are constantly strategizing. We have a five week series ready to go,” said Brown. The 2020 season was canceled and 2021 requires flexibility with almost weekly changes in COVID-related restrictions. “We will be ready when and if we get the ‘go-ahead’ to gather with no limitations on crowd numbers,” reported Brown, who added that it would be impossible to monitor any sort of limited capacity. 

“We are going to wait until we can do it right, at full capacity, which likely will not be before August. But that’s ok, the bands know what is going on and our sound director and stage manager are ready. We are also prepared to go past Labor Day if we need to,” Brown said. 

The bands she referred to are the six local groups that are scheduled to perform in this year’s limited summer series: Coronado Community Concert Band with It’s Never 2L8; In Midlife Crisis; Crown Town; Ron’s Garage; and Side Traxx Band.

Brown also announced that the CPC Board made the decision to underwrite the entire 2021 season. “We are incredibly grateful for everyone’s generosity throughout the years. As our ‘thank you’ to the community we are giving the gift of this season. We won’t be passing the red buckets for donations or seeking sponsors for each week’s concert. This one is on us, for Coronado!” 

CPC is a non-profit organization that relies on individual donations and business sponsorship to pay for insurance, talent, equipment, and other costs. “Many people assume that the concerts in the park, and the Fourth of July events are paid for and run by the City. They are not, and both of our non-profit organizations have been greatly affected by the pandemic. The Fourth of July committee was hit especially hard and our [CPC] Board decided to reach out and invite them to participate in a mailer we sent to residents asking for support this past December,” shared Brown.

In addition to doing everything possible to bring music to Spreckels Park this summer, CPC has also sought ways to support musicians throughout the pandemic, especially locals. “We have musicians on our Board and we discussed, and were very aware of, how devastated that industry was by COVID. We decided to give seven local bands $800 each just to help them out during this time. They were not earning any money. We wanted to keep the music alive and make sure they were still here when it was all over,” said Brown.

Brown is particularly grateful to the thirteen member CPC Board for their creativity and diligence in keeping the organization going. They are: Maggie Hannegan, Carrie Downey, Rebecca Denton, Gloria Tierney, Marilyn Rees, Ray Gosselin, Floyd Ross, Bill Gise, George Morgan, Rodney Lobato, Ken Camete, and Karen Greenberg.

2020 marked the event’s 50th anniversary and the Board had planned to celebrate throughout that summer season. With too many ‘unknowns’ in 2021 they decided to postpone the 50th celebration to 2022. “We look forward to honoring those who helped create and sustain this event. These concerts are family traditions that we want to make go on forever and we can’t wait until everyone can come and enjoy the music together again. Coronado needs to dance!” declared Brown.

To get the latest information on this summer’s plans, or to donate, please visit the website at:

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