Coronado Philharmonia’s Christmas Concert

Philharmonia may be a new word, but it is destined to become familiar to Coronado residents. After the first inaugural concert at the high school’s Black Box in July which was supported by the library, enthusiasm mounted to build a city orchestra. With director Osvaldo Mendoza, the former music director for CoSA (Coronado School of the Arts), leading the effort, plans began to recruit additional musicians and double the size of the fledgling orchestra from 18 to 40. To create a quality orchestra of accomplished musicians, additional instruments were necessary. Successful auditions were held in October, and the Philharmonia, “The Newly Established Premier Chamber Orchestra” with 50 talented musicians, prepared to present itself to Coronado’s residents with a Christmas concert.

A search for a place with acceptable acoustics and a space to seat a large audience ended recently with the help of Shane Schmeical, Director of Special Programs at Coronado High School (CHS), who will be playing the violin in the orchestra. On Sunday, Dec. 5 at 2 p.m., the Coronado Philharmonia will host its Christmas concert in the Performing Arts Center at Coronado High School. Favorite Christmas music as well as Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite will be on the program. Tickets, which may be purchased at, are $25 plus $0.63 service fee for adults and $15 plus $0.38 for children under 12,

This concert is supported in a collaborative effort by the Coronado Cultural Arts Commission, City of Coronado, Coronado Schools Foundation, CoSA, Coronado Unified School District, and Shane Schmeical. Each CSF-funded band program student (Village, Silver Strand, and Coronado Middle School) and their families will be able to attend free.

In the beginning stages, the Philharmonia set goals “to serve the community of Coronado by providing professional music concerts with a wide range of traditional and new-music repertoire for chamber orchestra; create opportunities for musicians to build relationships through their performances; and in the future, inspire and educate youth through diverse educational experiences.”

Musicians are passionate to perform, and it seems as if Coronado has assembled a worthy orchestra for Coronado residents to support. As a small community, we are fortunate to have so many cultural events readily available to us. The Philharmonia is offering another dimension to our choices. Ticket sales to help defray the overhead costs of the concert and the addition of the sponsors will begin the journey needed to adequately support a city music program. A musical afternoon is available for our enjoyment on Dec. 5. We anticipate additional concerts throughout the year, but strong residential support is the key factor in proceeding.

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