City of Coronado

The Coronado City Council made several decisions at the March 16, 2021 meeting related to building requirements and permitting. The first, an ordinance amending municipal code to clarify that development projects which include a new single-family residence and an Accessory Dwelling Unit [ADU] are required to comply with Floor Area Ratio and other applicable development standards, passed unanimously after being pulled from the group of Consent Calendar items. The council heard a staff presentation and discussed the amendment at a previous meeting but no councilmembers offered comments prior to the vote.

Next up the council conducted a public hearing and unanimously approved a one-lot tentative parcel map to allow for the building and ownership of two residential condominium units at 941-943 F Avenue. The parcel is in the R3 multifamily residential zone and the project complies with planning requirements including two off-street parking places for each unit. The project was approved by the Planning Commission on Feb. 9, 2021.

The next item was a public hearing on the appeal of a decision denying a permit for construction of an attached ADU at 36 Bahama Bend. The permit was denied based on the parking requirement not being met. Both the homeowner and her attorney appeared before the council on video to explain their case. The appellant asked the council to reconsider the permit denial by waiving the parking requirement, or consider and approve one of two design proposals for an alternative parking spot. There were two public comments supporting the appeal and one written comment opposed. Community Development Director Rich Grunow spoke to the council, “I had a communication with Henry Angelino, the General Manager of the Cays HOA [Homeowners Association] this morning. My understanding is that their vote was to request that the City Council waive the parking requirement for this project. However our (City) ordinance does not have any waiver procedure or exemption process.” City Attorney Johanna Canlas also commented, “We have an obligation to provide coastal access, and the way we do that is to ensure each ADU, regardless of where they are in the city, actually provides the parking requirement.” After brief discussion there was a unanimous vote to deny the appeal. 

In other business, Dr. Chris Lowe, a professor at California State University Long Beach [CSULB], presented the council with a comprehensive introduction to ongoing research conducted by the university’s Shark Lab. The lab works with lifeguards along the coast to tag sharks in order to compile data and inform communities on beach closures and other shark related policies and decisions. To date the City has supported the Shark Lab in equipment and in-kind donations of approximately $4,000. After discussion on whether or not to commit additional funding, councilmembers agreed on a recommendation from City Manager Blair King to include Shark Lab funding as part of upcoming fiscal year budget decisions specific to the Fire Department/Lifeguard budgets. 

Finally the council heard an update on the city’s Climate Action Plan [CAP] draft. “We are bringing this for you as an aspirational document,” said King. He said that while many communities are required to adopt CAP’s because of growth projects, Coronado is creating the plan voluntarily to do the right thing for the environment and the future. A primary objective of the CAP is to meet statewide greenhouse gas [GHG] emission reduction goals. After hearing a summary of the draft plan and options to include going forward, councilmembers opted to adopt a plan which sets a target 40 percent below the 2016 baseline by 2030. The CAP will be released to the public in May and a public workshop will be scheduled in June. Following public input, the council will adopt a final CAP in the fall.

The next City Council meeting will be on April 6, 2021 at 4 p.m.

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