Tim Rohan


Why did you decide to run for the City Council and what do you feel you offer the residents of Coronado?


If I had to synopsize this election into one paragraph I would suggest: If you want change, vote for Tim Rohan or Casey Tanaka. If you like the Status quo, vote for Mike Donovan. If you want Mayor Bailey to have less restricted power, vote John Donovan.

My Background: My parents brought me to Coronado in 1962. They had spent three weeks on Coronado in the Summer of 1942 while dad’s destroyer was going through “shakedown cruises” before heading out to the Pacific Theater. They fell in love with Coronado and after dad returned to Minnesota in 1946, they decided to do whatever it took to move to Coronado. I attended Sacred Heart School first through sixth grades, Coronado Junior High School seventh and eighth grades, and Coronado High School ninth through 12th grades. I attended college at Cuesta College, Cal Poly SLO, Hayward State, and graduated with a BA in Business Administration from St Mary’s College of California (Go Gaels!).

I worked in business (Operations Manager, and Sales) for many years in the Bay Area. I moved back to Coronado in 2001. Though there was a 20+ year gap in my full time living in Coronado, it has always been my home. Mom and dad remained in the house I grew-up in (1014 Flora Ave) until mom passed away in 2009. My sales jobs allowed me the flexibility to spend almost as much time in Coronado as in the Bay Area.

My time in the Bay Area, mostly living in Richmond, and Oakland, allowed me to personally experience both good and bad racial/social relationships. My long term and personal relationship with Coronado, gives me a very unique perspective of the issues we face. I think both perspectives will be a huge benefit as a councilperson. My wife Genevieve and I live in our little (532 sq ft) historic Beach Bungalow on D Avenue. Genevieve is my other half, and while we are both our own people, with me, you also get Gen, and that is a huge benefit. She truly is the most exceptional person I have ever met.

I will offer the residents of Coronado a true long-term perspective of Coronado.

I am honest. What you see is what you get.

I own my positions, and accept responsibility for my actions.

I am a candidate who truly has no further political agenda.

I am indebted to, or influenced by, no one other than my wife.

I have the courage to stand by my convictions, and the voice to express them.

I was raised with mid-western values. We stand-by our family, friends, and neighbors. We are not afraid to work hard, get dirty, and communicate clearly.

I am fiscally prudent. I don’t spend what I don’t have.

I listen well, I listen to everybody who has an opinion, and I will help make consensus, and then act to get it done.

As for Coronado Issues, the top two have to be:

Honest and open communication between council and residents. Quit hiding behind the “Brown Act.”

Council owning accountability and responsibility for their action/inactions. IE, mask enforcement, development issues.

After that I would suggest:

Join the IBWC Lawsuit. Hopefully our litigant need to join has passed, but Coronado needs to start mending fences with our neighbors. This would be a start.

Full review of the golf course sewage plant issues with full disclosure of other options and full costs. Coronado needs to do a full EIR. This project fails the requirements for a Mitigated Negative Declaration for so many reasons.

Mask enforcement downtown. Does this need an explanation?

Balance between business and residents. Business has been encroaching onto The Orange Ave sidewalk for years without any payback to the residents. The Del often encroaches onto our Beach. Maybe there should be restrictions, and or requirements to gain that access?

Do we really need Discover Coronado, and if we do, do we want them to continue to promote day-trippers? Should we ask for a higher percentage of Discover Coronado’s revenue be spent to support local projects?

Honest and open staff reviews of projects. Not just presenting one side of issues.

Open reasoning during the grant process. Council should publicly state why they support and oppose each grant.

Less “overlooking” of the needs of Cay’s and Shores Residents. I would suggest that the restrictions on the Summer Shuttle, and the pursuit of the South Beach Restroom were good indicators of “overlooking”.

Thank you.

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