Tim Rohan


They say there is nothing like a crisis to make or break a system, and COVID-19 would certainly qualify as a crisis. What lessons have been learned for the City of Coronado, how will these lessons impact your decision making processes as a Coronado City Council member?


I have learned so much in watching how we each have responded to the Covid Crisis. I would hope that our Council, businesses, and residents have learned as well. Businesses and residents of Coronado depend on each other more than we would have guessed. I think the businesses would agree that they wouldn’t be here if not for the patronage, and the love of the residents of Coronado. Many residents have been made aware of how much less our lives would be (are) without the businesses and the camaraderie, friendship, and distractions they allow us to partake in. We really are better for having each other… 

I have always believed that when there is a threat, you don’t nibble around the edges of it. You go right at it with everything you’ve got. Coronado would have been better served to educate our residents to the science of Covid, gotten the residents on-board in March and April, and beaten Covid back. The low/no interest loans to businesses was a good idea, although because of the sales tax requirement, many longtime Coronado businesses didn’t qualify. We should have closed our playgrounds and beaches until it was safe to open, and then opened them safely with mask and social distance enforcement. We should have had mask enforcement downtown as well. As it was, we ran around putting on band-aids and enacting feel-good measures. We then crossed our fingers and hoped it wouldn’t get too bad.   

I would suggest that we all have learned that sometimes we need to give up a little of ourselves for the good of others. We have learned that we are all in this together, and that we swim or sink as one. We now know that we can’t beat Covid by blaming others for the actions we need to take. We know it is better to own the tough decisions together, as a community.

Covid has been another good indicator of how much better Coronado Government works when there is open and honest communication between Council and the residents. Council’s lack of ownership, and their lack of communication split our community at a time we needed unity. Council’s lack of ownership, made it harder for people to back policies that would have helped mitigate the effects of the pandemic more quickly. The City’s lack of communication kept many residents unsure of how to best protect themselves, and the economic viability of our businesses. 

Thank you for reading these letters and becoming a more informed voter. If you haven’t voted already, please do so. This really is an especially important election.

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