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There are many projects, and potential projects, before the City of Coronado. From questions on Grand Caribe & Shoreline Park in the Cays, AICUZ and Ocean Boulevard concerns, to a water treatment plant on Glorietta Bay, and the list goes on. There isn’t a corner of Coronado that doesn’t face potential change. What do you feel are the three most significant items facing Coronado and each of its unique localities, the Cays, Shores, and Village?


The project at the top of my list is rebuilding the Parker Pump Station, located at the foot of Eighth Street at the intersection with Coronado Avenue. The importance of this facility is exceeded only by the Transbay Wastewater Pump Station, which is located at the Ferry Landing and pumps all the waste water generated in Coronado over to the Point Loma Sewage Treatment Plant. The Parker Pump Station is a combined waste water and storm water pump station. It is currently mostly underground but experience has shown that this is not desirable, particularly with state-of-the-art, computer-based controls. This pump station also has other challenges since it is located in the Spanish-Bight landfill area where the water table is higher than other areas of Coronado.

Next would be the water reclamation facility proposed to be introduced on the golf course. This facility will convert waste water into irrigation-grade water for use in watering the golf course and other parks and public green space within our city. This is a sustainability project which will preclude the current practice of using potable (drinking) water for irrigation. This project provides local control for irrigation when droughts occur, offsetting constraints on using potable water for irrigation imposed by the State of California. Without this kind of self-sufficiency, the Port (which owns the majority of golf course land) could potentially decide on a different use for this property, putting Coronado’s golf course in jeopardy.

The high priority project in the Cays is Cays Park. The park needs a complete replacement and upgrade of its irrigation system and turf. Since this would require tearing up most of the park, the City embarked on a study to determine if any changes should be made to the park, based on resident desires. Public input has been received and various alternatives are being fleshed out for further review. Our initial project timeline has been extended due to COVID-19 but the next review milestone should be early next year.

While not a City project per se, the work to add onto and upgrade existing facilities at the Hotel del Coronado is a multi-year project currently underway. The major goal of the hotel ownership is a new meeting center, additional new guest rooms, adding parking capacity underground, and refurbishing virtually every other building and facility on the property. The historic buildings are being returned to as close to their original look as possible. As part of the project, hotel ownership is making enhancements to the City (at their cost), including raising the west half of Avenida Del Sol and adding a controlled intersection with traffic signal and pedestrian crossings at the intersection of Avenida Del Sol and Orange Avenue.

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