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There are many projects, and potential projects, before the City of Coronado. From questions on Grand Caribe & Shoreline Park in the Cays, AICUZ and Ocean Boulevard concerns, to a water treatment plant on Glorietta Bay, and the list goes on. There isn’t a corner of Coronado that doesn’t face potential change. What do you feel are the three most significant items facing Coronado and each of its unique localities, the Cays, Shores, and Village?


Coronado’s unique localities are facing complicated issues. As an attorney, I will utilize my extensive legal experience to protect and guide Coronado. 

Thousands of Coronado residents live in the Cays and many of their important issues have not received much attention. 

-Lease with the Port of San Diego. Important parts of the Cays community occupy land leased from the Port. There is no guarantee that the Port will automatically renew the leases on low cost terms and homeowners in the Cays are rightfully concerned. I will support the Cays’ efforts with the Port to ensure the Cays community is not negatively affected. 

-Shoreline Park. The park area has suffered from overuse/misuse, increased launching of watercraft, swimming in unsafe areas and related trash/bathroom issues. While steps have been taken to improve the situation, responsibility for enforcement between the City and the Port remains an issue. 

-Proposed Hotel and Redesign of Dog Park. In my discussions with Cays’ residents, they are not supportive of the large hotel project and, while they support improvements, they do not support drastic redesigns of Dog Park.

After meeting with many residents in The Shores, I understand their concerns. 

-Increased Enforcement. The path in front of the Shores does not allow bicycles or skateboarding. It is a fairly narrow path with high traffic crossing it to the beach. I am a supporter of increased Police foot patrols during high impact timeframes. 

-Median Beautification and Crosswalk Modification. The Shores residents would like to see beautification of the median in front of the Shores, as well as changes to the dangerous crosswalk at the Shores’ exit. With the highway relinquishment, improvements can be accomplished. 

-Beach Fires. Shores residents are concerned about the recent increase in fires on the beach causing smoke to enter the buildings. We need to limit fires to certain areas and ensure proper disposal of coals.

The following issues affect the Village and all of Coronado: 

- Housing Allocation. The unacceptable allocation of 1000 new homes on Coronado by SANDAG must be stopped. Recently, Coronado and our neighbor, Imperial Beach, joined together to file a lawsuit against SANDAG. I advocated for legal action to stop SANDAG. This is just the beginning of a complicated process that will require ongoing legal analysis.

-The Trans-Border Sewage Issue. I am pleased that $300 million dollars was approved in the USMCA and that actual projects have been started to stem the flows. All office holders must keep their focus on this nonpartisan issue. 

-Relinquishment. Our major streets are about to come under our City’s control. This major issue requires proper scrutiny to help our citizens and businesses. State approval is expected early next year.

As an attorney with 25 years experience, I will bring extensive legal experience that is missing from City Council. I respect the legal perspective that attorney former Councilmember Carrie Downey provided to Council. I humbly submit that I am the candidate with the time and energy to provide an experienced legal perspective during these important times.

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