John Duncan


Why did you decide to run for the City Council and what do you feel you offer the residents of Coronado?


I am running for City Council because I am compelled to protect Coronado in the face of major challenges. I moved from San Diego to Coronado well over a decade ago to raise my young family because we were drawn to the friendly people, distinctive small businesses, historic homes, outdoor activities and welcoming community. I am an experienced business attorney of 25 years. I am also a family man who appreciates the culture of our community. Coronado is facing serious issues that are critical to our future, including the potential loss of local control to outside governing bodies. I will bring a fresh and professional level of scrutiny to Council.

As a professional businessman and attorney, I am a seasoned negotiator with strong analytical and litigation skills. I received a BA in Political Science from the University of Southern California, and I graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1995. I also studied law at Oxford University. I have been a managing partner of both small and large law firms, including building a law firm from a few attorneys to over 100 attorneys with 12 offices in 10 states. I have negotiated both multi-million dollar business transactions and legal settlements. In Coronado, I own three historic homes, each of which I have renovated and ushered through the historic designation process to preserve them for the community and my family. 

My skill and experience are essential as the Coronado City Council navigates complicated challenges in the coming years. We must stop SANDAG’s unreasonable housing impositions on Coronado’s already dense community. We must carefully navigate the planned local takeover and control of Coronado’s major streets to resolve traffic congestion and improve safety, while improving the Orange Avenue corridor for small businesses and citizens. We must continue the fight to keep Coronado beaches safe from sewage and environmental contamination. We must preserve Coronado’s historic homes and ensure we retain Coronado’s historic charm. 

As a family man, I deeply appreciate the special culture of Coronado. My wife Peggy and I met in our first year of law school and we have been married for 22 years. I am the proud father of four children - Connor, Emma, Tara and Colin. Connor is an entering college freshman and Presidential and National Merit Scholar at USC. Our triplets, Emma, Tara and Colin, are just starting high school. In addition to raising our wonderful children, my wife is a dedicated volunteer, currently serving on a local chapter and the National Board of Teen Volunteers in Action. She is also the President-Elect of the Parents Association at our children’s school. As a Councilmember with school age children, I will be a representative who is willing to be a voice for the protection of youth activities in Coronado. This is particularly essential during these difficult times our children are facing due to the pandemic.    

I have volunteered in the Coronado community for more than a decade, including service on the Bicycle Advisory Committee and the Boards of Coronado Youth Soccer League and Coronado Little League. I have coached countless Coronado kids in softball, tee ball, baseball and soccer, meeting many incredible Coronado families, including many wonderful military families. I am committed to preserving the unique culture of Coronado for future generations. 

I am also a candidate dedicated to law and order. I proudly attended the Coronado Citizen’s Police Academy in 2016, as well as the FBI Citizens Academy in 2017. I am an active member of the FBI San Diego Citizens Academy Alumni Association and regularly attend law enforcement and national security briefings. We must provide the proper resources to the people we count on to keep our community safe. I will do so on City Council.  

We are facing issues that require a complex understanding of the law, combined with the dedication to fight for our community. Running for Council is not about ego, power, partisanship nor compensation to me. I am not running to help my career, any other outside interests or to seek higher office. I am running solely to help the community. I am a strong listener and I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong and listen to new or additional information to arrive at the best outcome. It is not about me, it is about Coronado’s future. I humbly submit that I have the necessary professional skills and respectfully ask for your vote for one of the two positions available on City Council.

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