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Coronado City Council Candidate Daron Case

Week 4 | Posted: Friday, October 19, 2018 1:48 pm

Q: City of Coronado sales tax revenues are either flat or down from previous levels, depending on the comparison used. What steps, if any, should the City Council take to help local businesses and by extension, increase the city’s sales tax revenue?

A: Coronado sales tax revenues are not down. Coronado sales tax revenues have not grown as fast as San Diego and that is a good thing. If we want to use the City of San Diego as a benchmark we should develop up into the sky as they do. We need more hotel rooms, more restaurants, and a lot more advertising to keep them all busy year round.

The City Council should serve the residents of Coronado before anyone else. If the City Council accepts sales tax revenue growth as their responsibility then we are taking a “business first” and “residents second” approach. I think this approach spells disaster. This is what we have done in recent years and the effects have already become evident.

Setting sales tax revenue growth as a priority is creating a bubble. The inflated cost of rent affects the type of new business we attract. We have created a barrier to entry and we are driving out businesses that cater to local residents. Community-based businesses cannot compete with restaurants or franchises that can afford the high premium prices. A City Council that accepts sales tax revenue growth as their responsibility will continue to attract this new type of business that caters to guests because there is a guarantee that the City Council will sustain them through a desire for maximum growth in revenue.

I am in favor of a healthy, community-based business district. A business district owned by locals and one that has the full support of local residents. The best thing the City Council can do to maintain a healthy local business district is not allow sales tax revenue growth to become their responsibility. Our recent involvement in the hotel TOT and sales tax growth is setting hotels first, businesses second and residents at a distant third.

The City Council should prioritize making Coronado a more desirable place to live. An attractive, uncrowded, residential town is what makes us a desirable place to visit.