Casey Tanaka


Why did you decide to run for the City Council and what do you feel you offer the residents of Coronado?


I have called Coronado my home for the past 37 years and in that time, I have come to appreciate that the job of a Coronado City Councilmember is to value how idyllic and peaceful Coronado is and to pursue public policies to protect and preserve this beauty for our residents and our visitors.

In order to protect and preserve Coronado, we need to elect people to the Council who truly understand our City and who can be entrusted to put the public’s needs ahead of their own individual needs. We need to elect people who have proven, to the largest extent possible, that they know how to defend our City and who have the talent and competence to find reasonable solutions to our problems.

I am running for the City Council because I am truly prepared for this position of public trust and responsibility. I have taken the time over these past 37 years to understand Coronado’s people, history, traditions, and institutions. I know how to be one voice out of five on your Council. I know how to provide thoughtful feedback to a City Manager without exerting undue influence. I understand the City’s sources of revenue and what it means to keep our budgets balanced while producing surpluses. I know these things because you have already entrusted me to do so in the past from 2002-2016 as your Councilman and as your Mayor. You took a gamble on a 26-year-old in 2002 and made him your Councilman and you made an investment in training me in how to govern this great City of ours.

I am running for Council here in 2020 because I am genuinely excited to put this 14-year investment back to work for you as one of your City Council Members. I am ready, willing, and able to be an exceptional Councilman and I humbly look forward to the chance to be your public servant, if given the opportunity.

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