Casey Tanaka


They say there is nothing like a crisis to make or break a system, and COVID-19 would certainly qualify as a crisis. What lessons have been learned for the City of Coronado, how will these lessons impact your decision making processes as a Coronado City Council member?


The most important lessons learned by the City of Coronado during this COVID-19 crisis have been to emphasize the importance of social distancing, wearing of masks, and in encouraging business to shift their business models to the outdoors wherever possible. These three focal points have helped to keep the transmission of COVID-19 in Coronado to low, manageable levels. The decision making process of a City Councilmember during a crisis depends first on reading as much as you can about the issue at hand. Coronado’s City Staff, led by its City Manager, will usually take the lead in gathering relevant info and best practices for the crisis topic that your City is immersed in, and the job of the City Council is to read, analyze, and to then provide direction. The biggest challenges facing our City in the months ahead will likely be budgetary ones. Our tax revenues as a City have declined because of the significant decrease in the number of people staying at our hotels. The City’s next fiscal year will begin in July of 2021 and these intervening months will be ones where the City’s Management team and its City Council will need to make thoughtful and strategic decisions on how to stabilize our City’s finances in light of these pandemic related shortfalls.

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