Take A Fresh Look At Coronado ...

While summer is traditionally the season we excitedly vroom off on a road trip, fly to a distant shore or explore a new city or culture, 2020 is all about the staycation. Coronadans may have the great advantage of being based in paradise, but it’s easy to slip into familiar habits and forget just how many wonders our little island has to offer, which is where the new OrangeAvenue.com website comes in…

This 250+ page resource showcases every store, restaurant, entertainment venue, salon, spa, gallery, tour, and outdoor recreational activity in Crown City. And with over 1,000 new images, you are sure to see Coronado with fresh eyes!

The website was generously funded by Discover Coronado, and commissioned and masterminded by Coronado Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Sue Gillingham. “Our original mission was to update the Coronado Visitor Center website so that it truly reflected our exceptional destination, but we are thrilled to have gone beyond that to create something of real value to our community. As well as comprehensive, viewer-friendly listings, we will be offering Curated Itineraries and dynamic blog content that will keep locals informed and entertained.”

Communications and Marketing Manager Belinda Jones has been busily researching and taking photographs for the past two months. “It’s been a new experience for me photographing sushi and bikinis one day and diamonds and antiques the next!” She notes that the project has been a great reminder of all the treasures our stores have to offer. “Along the way I have purchased a sparkly blue ring, a hessian and leather tote branded with Coronado, California USA, a ceramic koi fish and a marble soap dish! And don’t get me started on the food! I don’t know how I’ve been here so long without trying the lemon frosting at Coronado Cupcakery!”

The Chamber’s Membership and Events Manager Rena Clancy is already known for returning from her business appointments with shopping bags swinging, primarily with shoes and stationary, but her family has recently adopted a Beagle puppy so she is especially delighted by the Pet-Friendly section of the website. “Now we know exactly which local restaurants and activities welcome dogs. We can’t wait to take Jazzy out on a boat ride or have her try the homemade dog biscuits at Tartine. We have also downloaded the Coronado Public Art Walking Tour App so we can take her on a jaunt around the island’s al fresco artworks!”

Local Coronado experts are also lending their talents to the content: Emma Jane Wellings of Style On The Go is offering fashion insights including How to Wear Orange on Orange Avenue, Aline Love of Dream Beach Wedding is currently working on a guide to Eloping in Coronado, Marilyn Klisser of Salon on First will be taking you through The Ultimate Marilyn Monroe Makeover and Photographer Jeremy Noyes has some great tips on How to Capture a Coronado Sunset. OrangeAvenue.com will also take you behind-the-scenes at the filming of Top Gun 2, give you fitness tips from a Navy SEAL and share an exclusive conversation with Jack Lemmon’s son Chris.

“It really has been so much fun compiling the content,” says Belinda Jones. “We want to offer something for everyone, whether you are looking for adventure or a good read or new coffee hang out now that Café 1134 has closed. Coronado continues to evolve and we want to keep everyone engaged and enjoying themselves, especially during this highly challenging time.”

Meanwhile Todd Little, Executive Director of Discover Coronado, emphasizes the underlying function of the website: “A vibrant Orange Avenue directly impacts the livelihood of our small businesses, the amount of available jobs for local residents as well as the collection of taxes the City of Coronado uses for public safety, public facilities and public work.”

As Sue Gillingham concludes, “Locals staying loyal to local businesses is the key to keeping Coronado unique and a special place to call home. We hope that this website inspires residents to discover a new favorite experience in Coronado.”

Visit OrangeAvenue.com today and take a fresh look at Coronado!

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