Coronado Chamber of Commerce

Dear Coronado Business Community,

Below are the instructions and introduction to the City of Coronado's Lifeline Loan Program. For the complete packet, go to the Chamber's webpage and print off the application. LINK HERE

The City Council recognizes how important having a vibrant business community is to the well-being of Coronado and its residents. The coronavirus pandemic has caused many of our small businesses to close or drastically scale back their offerings. This, in turn, means that the sales tax revenue generated from those businesses is considerably smaller, possibly affecting the City’s ability to provide its normal services.

The Lifeline Loan Program grew out of the recognition that the small businesses that generate sales tax for the City would benefit from an immediate financial boost to survive until they can fully reopen. The City Council approved this program on April 21, 2020.

The City has set aside $2 million for the loan program. Eligible businesses can request up to $15,000. The loans have a 0% interest rate, a 60 month term, and repayment beginning six months after the receipt of the monies.

The City has prioritized which businesses will be considered for loans. The first group, Tier I, are small, locally owned businesses, which generate tax revenue for the City, and are located anywhere in Coronado. Applications will be accepted starting April 24, 2020. Examples of this group are:

Eating and drinking establishments (non-formula)

Retail sales (non-formula)

Hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts (non-formula/non-corporate owned)

Movie and Performance theaters

The Council directed that Tier II businesses be allowed to apply 30 days after the Tier I businesses and reserved the right to suspend the Lifeline Loan Program if the $2 million is not fully subscribed within two months of initiation. Tier II businesses are those considered to be small, locally owned that generate sales tax revenue for the City, and are permitted on the second floor per the Orange Avenue Corridor Specific Plan. Tier II businesses may apply starting May 25, 2020. Tier II business are:

Professional offices

Real estate offices

Personal services


Repair services (appliances, electric, plumbing, etc.)

Light assembly (appliances, bicycles, computers, etc.

Light industrial uses; Internet providers and arcades

Handyman and trade services (Coronado based)

Photocopying/mailbox services

Newspaper and publishing

Gyms, dance halls, martial arts studios, etc. (non-formula).

CalPrivate Bank located at 801 Orange Avenue in Coronado will be assisting with processing the City’s originated ACH debits from each borrower’s account via the banks online platform. Once the City has made a decision on the loan, any funding monies will be deposited into your CalPrivate Bank business account. If you do not already have an account, please contact the bank directly to set up an account. You do not need to wait for your loan application to be decisioned to open your account. For more information, contact branch manager Berenice Zamaro at at 619-522-2509.

Please submit your completed PAPER application to the Chamber of Commerce, either through our mail slot or via the USPS mail. Applications will be numbered and submitted daily to the City for loan review and approval. Be sure to fill in every blank in the application and attach the two required documents – 2019 sales tax report and evidence of application for state and/or federal assistance.

The City will work with you on the loan documents. They will not be doing a credit check but will verify your stated existing outstanding loans. For questions related to the City processes, contact Dominque Albrecht at or 619-522-7305.

For general questions regarding the program, contact Sue Gillingham at the Coronado Chamber of Commerce at or 619-435-9260. Note that the Chamber offices are not open except by appointment if necessary. We will be processing applications Monday through Friday. Submittals on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday.

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