With one month until City Manager Blair King’s last day on the job, the City Council has determined the timeline and process for hiring an interim and eventual replacement for King.

A recruiting firm has been selected to identify qualified candidates. In late 2020, Coronado conducted a solicitation for executive recruitment services. Ralph Andersen & Associates, a national executive job search and consulting agency, was selected at that time, and as the process was conducted less than six months ago the results of the solicitation are still valid. 

On April 6, the City Council will officially engage Ralph Andersen & Associates to conduct the City Manager search. The Project Director has been identified as David Morgan, former and retired city manager for the City of Anaheim. 

Also, at the April 6 City Council meeting, it is presumed the City Council will hire a retired annuitant to serve as the Interim City Manager. According to state laws that restrict employment after retirement, the City can only hire a CalPERS retired annuitant once it has begun the process to replace the city manager. Hiring a search firm is evidence that the selection process has begun.

The timeline is anticipated to take approximately 90 - 120 days, but because of COVID restrictions it could take longer. The process will begin with the development of a profile of the preferred candidate. Once the profile is complete the firm will conduct outreach and candidate recruitment, with an application period open for 30-45 days. After candidate evaluations and initial screenings there will be a series of interviews and background checks. After a candidate has been selected contract negotiations will be the final step in the process.

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