On Monday, Nov. 1, 2021, attorneys for the Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) presented an appeal to a California Interscholastic Federation Appeal Panel. The panel consisted of three members from the nine-member CIF Executive Board. The hearing was held virtually and lasted approximately two hours. The appeal panel has taken the matter under submission.

CUSD is appealing sanctions* issued on June 30, 2021, for incidents that occurred inside the Coronado High School gym after CHS defeated Orange Glen High School in the June 19 Division 4-A Regional Championship basketball game. The June 30 sanctions were unilaterally issued by CIF Executive Director, Ron Nocetti.

On July 6, the CUSD Governing Board voted unanimously to appeal the CIF sanctions imposed on the District on June 30. The district, through legal counsel, timely appealed the sanctions. The originally scheduled hearing date of September 27 was postponed until November 1 after last minute evidence from CIF was presented.

The CIF Appeal Panel will issue a written decision within fifteen business days after the hearing; on or before November 22. All sanctions have been suspended until the appeal process is complete.

*CIF sanctions against Coronado included: vacating the championship; CHS athletic probation through the 2023-24 school year; no boys basketball postseason home host through 2022-23 school year; all CHS athletics barred from postseason host pending completion of sportsmanship workshop (to include racial/cultural sensitivity training: by all CHS administrators, athletic director, coaches, athletes); game management training for administrators and athletic director; a recommendation to engage with Orange Glen High School to develop a positive relationship.

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The actions by the CUSD Governing Board in placing this Team in the cross hairs only later to see and understand the implications, and then try to rectify their actions. As I read the sanctions, I think about how many kids are being taught to hate and despise. Being blamed and then punished for the actions of an adult, who may or may not have had political motivations, who has not been legally punished, who may or may not have conspired with others, perhaps in positions of authority, it is no wonder that people do not trust Government. The willingness of adults to either use political opportunities or to create them, for their own political initiatives or objectives, despite the collateral damage to these kids is deplorable.


The School Board was complicit in ruining these children academic and sports careers and reputations. There should be a class action lawsuit against these corrupt officials who continue to run rampant trying to force policies that no parents agree with.

Give them a piece of your mind, Coronado.

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