Local Storefronts Are In The Spirit ...

Fiveloaves Twofish have created a truly meaningful window display for July 4th celebrating the fight for liberty and equality. Change-makers honored include Dr Martin Luther King, George Washington and Harriet Tubman.

Each year Coronadans and admiring visitors crowd the sidewalks of Orange Avenue to enjoy the annual Fourth of July Parade - one of the most heartwarming, nostalgic events on our calendar.

But this year - for one year only - the sidewalk itself is the parade! With the absence of floats and marching bands due to the Coronavirus restrictions, it falls to us to bring the red, white and blue flair.

Already local storefronts are entering into the celebratory spirit, La Mer and Charisma Home & Gifts are looking especially festive and Leroy’s has really gone to town with the eye-catching flag bunting. Meanwhile the children’s fashion boutique Fiveloaves Twofish have added special meaning to the Fight for Liberty with their window display showcasing heroes of human freedoms including Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez, Standing Bear, Abraham Lincoln, Dr Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman. The photograph of each face is framed with beautifully handcrafted fabric rosettes. You can join in the decorating yourself by signing your own personal pledge and taping your name to the glass with a sparkly star.

Essential Coronado has launched a Fourth of July decorating contest with big prizes to encourage local businesses, homes and even golf carts to spruce up with stars and stripes and make the day feel special, 2020 style. (Visit EssentialCoronado.com to learn more.)

Even more than donning your star-spangled outfit you can show your support by shopping and dining local this holiday weekend. Parade day is typically the busiest of the year for our beloved island businesses and while we may not be able to compensate for a 100,000-strong throng, we can show our support by treating ourselves and our families, while of course keeping safe and respecting the necessity of wearing a mask. (Extra points for a bedazzled face covering!)

Despite the lack of fireworks and festivities, we can count ourselves lucky that Coronado brims with classic American charm all year round. And though we may feel restricted, we can also feel extremely grateful to be celebrating our independence!

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