This brown-eyed girl is Brandy!

Brandy came to us with a very important job to do, being a mother to eight adorable puppies. Brandy was the best mom who rarely needed us to intervene, she was gentle and caring, but also trusting with us humans, always allowing us to handle her precious babies. Brandy’s puppies all found forever homes in December 2023, but Brandy is still with us. Now it’s her turn to find a home of her own!  Brandy is curious, loving, and always wanting to make new friends, there isn’t a person she doesn’t like. She’s a favorite among our volunteers and is frequently requested for walks by our volunteer dog walkers. She greets them with a hug, then likes to place her head in their lap for a quick cuddle and ear scratch. Brandy will always say ‘yes’ to a walk and is doing great with crate training. She also loves children and would make a great companion to a loving family.

Meet Nixie, a beautiful and loving dog who has earned the nickname “Mother Teresa” for her kind and nurturing nature. This love bug found her way to us along with her six puppies. Nixie was an amazing and caring mother to her babies and is now looking for a family of her own. Our staff describes Nixie as a “bright light that is always happy to see us and greets us with unconditional love.” She loves nothing more than spending time with her human friends, whether it’s going for a walk or just snuggling up for some quality time together. She loves belly rubs and will happily lay on her back to receive them. Her gentle and loving nature makes her a wonderful companion for anyone who is looking for a loyal and devoted furry friend.

Aurora is an adorable and lovable dog, known for her affectionate and playful nature. She is a mixed breed with the cutest ears and sweet face that is impossible not to fall in love with. She loves curling up next to her human friends for some quality cuddle time and is always up for a good belly rub. Whenever Aurora sees someone she loves, she immediately drops to the floor and rolls onto her back, as if to say “Rub my belly, please!” It’s impossible to resist!  Aurora came to us after being abandoned on the beach with her four puppies. We don’t understand how anyone could leave this loving and affectionate girl behind. Now that her puppies have all been adopted into loving homes, it’s time for Aurora to find a forever home of her own.

All of our animals are spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and up to date on flea preventative.  Adoptions are by appointment ONLY. If you are interested in adopting any of these animals, please visit our website at or scan the QR code above and fill out the adoption application. Fostering, volunteering, or donating are other ways you can help our animals. 

Donations can be made online at or can be sent directly to 124 Orange Avenue, Suite 205 Coronado, CA 92118, or 1395 First Street Coronado, CA 92118.  For more information about our work or how to get involved contact Jennifer Stein @

VOL. 113, NO. 20 - May 17, 2023

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