In response to the CDE ‘Stronger Together’ reopening guidelines, the San Diego County Office of Education published the following reopening plan as a resource for districts. Neighboring districts are starting to roll out options as families prepare for Fall 2020. Most recently, San Diego Unified, the largest district in our region, shared their reopening scenarios.

We are respectfully requesting parents to participate in a survey regarding reopening options. Resurveying our parents and cross-referencing responses with current registration data is critical as we plan for staffing and allocation of resources. Please complete the following survey for each student by Wednesday, July 1st. Click here to participate.

The survey reflects two clear themes emerging across California; opting ‘in’ or opting ‘out’ for in-person instruction.

By opting ‘out’ of in-person instruction parents are selecting a remote learning model for their child(ren). This program will look different than what was offered during emergency school closure. Students in this program will be eligible for enrichment and intervention experiences on campus. Although this program is still in development, we know our model will include direct instruction, accountability, attendance, and assessment.

By selecting in-person instruction you are stating that you are prepared to send your child(ren) back to school as quickly and safely as possible. Please trust that our primary goal is to have our students back on campus. This experience may look different than our traditional schedule. Navigating campus with systems in place for social distancing, encouraging appropriate hygiene from staff and students, and implementing health screening protocols may be part of our new normal. We will comply with all directives from public health officials and will adhere to guidelines and recommendations where prudent and practicable.

Please take our reopening survey by July 1st. We will continue to update our community via weekly newsletter as additional information on both in-person and remote learning programs are made available.

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