As the summer winds down, CUSD is actively preparing for a unique and engaging ‘Back to School’ for both staff and students. In these turbulent times, our responsibility to Connect, Challenge, and Champion every child, every day is crucial. The Governing Board Agenda for August provides updates and guidance necessary to successfully transition back to learning in an environment where all feel safe, valued, and respected.

Agenda Item 7.2: Equity Action Plan

Ms. Foley will present Board Policy (BP) 0415(a): Equity for approval and provide an overview of CUSD’s Equity Action Plan and timeline to the Governing Board.

Agenda Item 7.3: Learning and Instruction Update

Dr. Battle will present distance learning schedules and structures for our four school sites to the community and Governing Board.

CUSD schools will open on August 27 in a distance learning environment; this is our reality. Families and staff are currently planning and navigating how to juggle supporting online instruction with the demands of life, health, and care for loved ones. As always, and as they should be, expectations for public educators across California are sky high. We must balance those expectations with reasonable and fair boundaries. The devices used for instructional delivery provide access 24/7 - this doesn’t mean our teachers and staff are ‘open’ 24/7, nor should our students be. Please afford your child(ren), yourselves and our staff patience and grace as we traverse new territories together.

Our staff are capable and dedicated professionals who are ready to adhere to the standards we have collectively set for instruction this fall. I know how much they are missing daily, live interactions with our students. We will continue to do everything within our authority to get our students back as quickly and safely as possible.

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