CUSD School Board Candidate Mal Sandie

Coronado School Board Candidate Question #3:

“One of the primary responsibilities of a school board member is that of a fiduciary, responsible for oversight of CUSD monies. What previous financial experience has you prepared for this responsibility, and how has it done so?”

Oversight of program funds is something that I have extensive experience in. As a program manager for the Navy, I was responsible for the cost, schedule, and performance of several programs valued in excess of $80M during my tenure. I chaired a source selection committee that awarded a 5-year, $43M contract for software development. Additionally, in my role at the Navy’s Bureau of Personnel, I was responsible for several million dollars annually in funds utilized to transfer personnel between duty stations. In all these assignments, I strictly adhered with all government regulations and oversight. In my role as a government contractor, I managed a team of 30 personnel to include all salary negotiations, pay raises, bonuses, etc., and was responsible to ensure that my team remained within budget.

In earning the highest Defense Acquisition University qualifications for program management and achieving the civilian Program Management Professional qualification I had to prove a thorough understanding of financials and the appropriate use of different funding streams.

I am naturally very engaged and extremely inquisitive when it comes to finances both in the workplace and at home.

Additionally, as a squadron commanding officer, I was responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and material condition of Navy aircraft valued in excess of $100M. This included tracking and reporting expenses for aircraft utilization, parts replacement, and fuel costs.

I was offered the opportunity, along with all candidates, to meet individually with the Superintendent to review the 2022-2023 budget and discuss the shift from the Local Control Funding Formula to Basic Aid (also known as Excess Property Taxes Locally Funded). During this meeting I felt assured that CUSD has a solid plan for financial stability. I also attended the recent CUSD governing board meeting where the Deputy Superintendent did a superb job of laying out CUSD finances and his predictions for the future. However, I do share Trustee Antrim’s concern regarding the slim possibility of the state changing the rules for Basic Aid, and I relish the opportunity to help develop a backup plan.

My broad financial background will be instrumental in stewarding CUSD’s finances.

VOL. 112, NO. 39 - Sept. 28, 2022

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