CUSD School Board Candidate Lisa Meglioli

Coronado School Board Candidate Question #3:

“One of the primary responsibilities of a school board member is that of a fiduciary, responsible for oversight of CUSD monies. What previous financial experience has you prepared for this responsibility, and how has it done so?”

I grew up being involved in our family owned business since I was little. My dad has a tile and flooring business which he still owns after more than 30 years and he would always take my brother and I to the store so that we could start learning from a young age about everything involved in operating a business, from how many employees there were, to the logistics of bringing in materials from Italy, dealing with international and local suppliers, the administrative aspect and of course, managing the budget. All of this gave me an early foundation to knowing and understanding the ins and outs of running a business, highlighting the importance of the financial aspect. Little did I know then that would prepare me down the line in managing the finances for a big household, adapting to constant changes and making adjustments on a daily basis, making sure to keep expenses in line with so many kids, the experience I have enjoyed the most I must say.

Later in life I was able to apply all these skills when I had the opportunity to run a small clothing boutique in Little Italy, it was my turn to be in charge of everything. I was responsible of the entire operation and was always very organized and keen with the inventory as well as with controlling and balancing the budget. As in any business, finances are critical in keeping everything running as smoothly as possible and a key component in the decision making process as well as an indicator of how successful the company is. In my case, I had to be very careful and precise on what I was spending my money on and for what purpose. This is essential for the School Board to know and understand the expenditures that are made and most importantly for what purpose, who benefits from it and what impact it makes. This applies for all direct expenses, teachers and staff salaries, training programs, educational programs etc. As a parent, I would like to know what teaching supplies and learning materials are being used and taught in classrooms. How much of the expenses are being spent on academics and what amount is being spent on everything else, simple transparency.

Being a strong advocate for both parents and students, I will make sure that students needs and parents concerns come before anything else and will always have their best interest when analyzing the budget and making decisions. During a time of change and many challenges, I’m fully vested in protecting our children, providing a safe, happy and healthy learning environment and always doing what’s best for them.

VOL. 112, NO. 39 - Sept. 28, 2022

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