CUSD School Board Candidate Mal Sandie

Coronado School Board Candidate Question #7:

“The last two years before the Coronado Unified School Board have been uniquely tumultuous. Many, if not most, of those issues were ones where the School Board had minimal latitude for action. One issue that stands out as being completely within the Board’s purview, was the response to the tortilla-throwing incident of June 19, 2021. Defend the Board actions, or detail what your course of action would have been in their shoes.”

I honestly do not know all the details regarding what happened at the “Tortilla-gate” incident because I never saw a final report. One thing that I did learn in my Navy career is that “the first report is always wrong,” so it did surprise me how quickly the CUSD governing board pleaded guilty and sent a “mea culpa” letter to apologize.

My first instinct in this situation would be to say that “the Coronado School District is conducting a full investigation and will act upon the results as soon as they are received.”

For me it would be impossible to claim that I understood what happened based solely on the video evidence that was shown on the news reports. Additionally, I have heard many conflicting accounts of the incident, and I need to base any decisions on facts and hard data.

It is terribly unfortunate that the Islanders successful basketball season had to end with a huge distraction that overshadowed their playoff victory and ended up on national news for this unfortunate reason.

This incident aside, I do believe that any occurrences of confirmed racism, hate crimes, bullying, etc. need to be taken very seriously and the perpetrators punished based on substantiated evidence.

VOL. 112, NO. 43 - Oct. 26, 2022

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