City Council Candidate Carrie Downey

Coronado City Council Candidate Question #8:

“You’ve successfully served your term(s) as a member of the Coronado City Council, it’s time to move on to the next venture. Your words to the (incoming) next group of council candidates … what achievement are you the proudest of.”

As of 2026, I have been a nonpartisan elected official for sixteen years and I encourage those running now and, in the future, to act as a nonpartisan councilmember. I have had campaign managers from both parties, and I was endorsed by Mayors and past Councilmembers from both parties because I serve Coronado residents of both parties and no party. During my latest time on the council from 2022-2026, I encouraged our council representatives at SANDAG to take partisan glasses off and work with all cities to help our region. We were able to help SANDAG draft the updated regional housing needs assessment allocation that recognized small, older fully built out cities cannot meet state requirements the same way larger cities can.

When I was previously Coronado’s representative to SANDAG, I was appointed and reappointed to chair the SANDAG Energy Working Group and the Environmental Mitigation Program Committee by SANDAG Board Chairpersons from both parties and 4 different cities. It is possible to deliberate and find common ground among elected regional officials, as long as there is trust. I encourage you to put party behind you and embrace serving the common good. There are many elected officials that want the same. You just need to do your homework to understand how you as a single elected official can work with others for better regional policies.

Here in Coronado, I am proud we investigated and selected cost effective policies to fulfill our Climate Action Plan such as a joint Solar project with the Coronado Unified School District to put solar on all the eligible government buildings in Coronado to lower our electricity costs. Thanks to the residents signaling the City Council these last few years, Coronado investigated and selected an option to join a Community Choice Aggregator, to help our residents take control of our electricity costs.

Finally, I am proud of how I convinced the Council to support adding another feature on the City website, to help residents remain current on a city project going through the approval process, such as the CALTRANS relinquishment of State Route 75 or the Coronado Water reclamation project at the golf course. During full Covid restrictions in 2021, anyone could see filed public comments before the City Council meeting, I worked to bring that option and others back to continually encourage public participation.

Most importantly do not forget to vote. As of October 31, 2022, only 21% of Coronado registered voters had voted. Don’t forget to do your job. VOTE!

Anyone that has questions about my goals for the future, can contact me at my website or email me at Carrie@Carrie

VOL. 112, NO. 44 - Nov. 2, 2022

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