City Council Candidate Pilialoha Estall

Coronado City Council Candidate Question #1

This week is your introductory piece … your “elevator pitch” if you will … “Why did you decide to run for the Coronado City Council, and what do you offer that sets you apart from the other candidates?”

I absolutely love this community and its citizens. As a 4th generation ‘Coronadian,’ I love the history of the island ‘The Crown City,’ and what generations have built over time. My goal is to help preserve that, while also sustaining us for the future. Due to my prevalent professional experience, key networks, sense of urgency, and due diligence, I believe I have the desired long range planning knowledge and vision, to help ensure Coronado is strong and ahead of the curve for the future. Working with the citizens and the city, I want us to be a community who will always lead by example.

My priorities like some of the other candidates are public safety, preventing congestion, and historic preservation, but I have the determination to make sure we go above and beyond in our city planning. Including updated integrated water resource plans, adult aging services, e-bike safety, smart sustainable preservation, and beyond!

My goal is for Coronado to be a role model city in all aspects. From education to the arts, public health to sustainability, historical wealth, and smart urban planning for generations to come! I am running because I believe in our community and its citizens. I want to be representative of the community we are! With humble determination, I know we can! “Representing Community!”

VOL. 112, NO. 37 - Sept. 14, 2022

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