Coronado Middle School Physical Education Students Become Poets
Middle school physical education students wrote poems about sports that were compiled into two books that are now in the school's library. From left: Rachel Hammond, Tori Lock and Nicole Cappello. Photo by Alessandra Selgi-Harrigan

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It's a great that they are so motivated to try themselves in different fields. They are in the age when this permanent search of themselves takes place. And I can understand it. I even wrote about it for this webpage. Thank you for your valuable article.

Pandora Bullock

Good to know that they are trying different fields and are implementing their basic field in this and also are trying to spread awareness about different games in such an innovative way. I have tried to write poems myself, but was not successful and had to turn towards for my essay writingnz about poems and literature. I love seeing those children put so much efforts into this and to see their efforts being recognized is always a pleasure.

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