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As a student at Coronado High School, I am writing to advocate for the return of plastic water bottles. Recently the Emerald Keepers club banned the availability of purchasing plastic water bottles on school campus for both students and staff. I know this was just a recent change on school grounds, but it really shocked me and many other students were in opposition to this decision. I understand that this decision to phase out plastic water bottles was made with the best intentions, with the goal of reducing plastic waste and promoting environmental sustainability. However, I believe that this decision will have unintended consequences that outweigh the benefits, and that it is time to reconsider our approach to hydration on campus.

One of the main arguments for eliminating plastic water bottles was the negative impact plastic has on the environment. It is most definitely true that plastic waste is a major problem, and it is important that we take action to reduce it. Therefore, the solution is not to ban a convenient and hygienic source of hydration, but rather to implement better systems for waste management and recycling. By bringing back plastic water bottles and investing in proper waste management infrastructure, we can have the best of both worlds: the convenience of easily accessible hydrational options, and the environmental benefits of responsible waste management.

In addition to environmental concerns, the decision to eliminate plastic water bottles will have negative consequences for the health and well-being of students. Water fountains on campus are often weird-tasting and dirty, making it difficult for students to access clean drinking water. This can lead to dehydration, which can have serious health consequences. The availability of plastic water bottles allow students to stay hydrated and healthy, especially during hot summer months or during periods of intense academic or physical activity.

Finally, the decision to eliminate plastic water bottles will have financial implications for students and their families. Without the option to purchase water bottles on campus, students must either bring their own reusable water bottles or pay for bottled water at local grocery stores. This can be a financial burden for some students, and it is not fair to ask them to bear this additional cost.

In conclusion, I believe that it is time for our school to bring back plastic water bottles on campus. While reducing plastic is important, it is not the only consideration when it comes to the health management infrastructure and providing convenient hydration options, we can strike a balance between environmental sustainability and the needs of our school community.

VOL. 10, NO. 14 - Jan. 11, 2023

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