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Plans Underway for Homecoming 2014

From the venue to the theme, get the inside scoop on ASB’s plans for Homecoming 2014. 

Just weeks after hosting an incredible Prom in April 2014, CHS’s ASB class began to plan for another major event: Homecoming. “We had our first Homecoming meeting with the event planner in June,” said CHS senior and ASB Vice President Hannah Downey. Downey has been working closely with a committee of students to plan this year’s Homecoming weekend, which will include a pep rally, parade, football game and formal dance. 

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Changes this School Year

In addition to the divisive lanyards, the 2014-2015 school year has seen dwindling state funds and increasing class sizes. How will CHS respond to budget cuts and security threats?

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Teacher Tenure Declared Unconstitutional

In June, nine students and a national non-profit organization called Students Matter received the judge’s favor on the heated Vergara v. California case. Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Rolf Treu declared five California laws regarding teacher tenure and dismissals unconstitutional.

The successful plaintiffs, among them a student named Beatriz Vergara, argued that the laws pertaining to teacher employment in the state of California were creating harmful learning environments for students, specifically in low-income and minority schools. 

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Late Start Thursdays

CUSD plans to delay school on four Thursdays this year for teacher training.

Students won’t have to arrive at school until 10 am on four Thursdays this year. On September 18, November 6, January 29, and March 5, preschoolers and high school seniors alike can enjoy sleeping in while their teachers participate in a partial training day.

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