Laurie Wack

Laurie Ann Wack died June 19, 1983 at the age of 21 via injuries suffered in an auto accident in which she was a passenger.

Hard to believe how much we continue to miss her beautiful face and her sparky personality. We will always feel the pain of her loss and imagine what her life would have been among us.

Signed by: Mother, Rita Wack and Siblings: Casey, Andy, Amy Wack-Brennan and Bryan Wack.

Poem written by Amy Wack and published in a British book about The Beatles:

You laughed at the tall men dropping apples on the heads of the hapless citizens of Pepperland, turning them to statues. I found this cruel, preferring the flowers that kept opening like fans and the cartoon Fab Four adrift in the sea of green, cracking bad puns in their miraculous submersible.

We both liked the little Nowhere Man with that affinity of the small and shy for the small and shy. But the manic Blue Meanies and their glove assassin made you cover your eyes with your hands and weep.

While I, wide-eyed, gawped at the psychedelia, you, overwhelmed, eyes shut, soon fell asleep. I remember the damp wisps of your blond hair, your face, flushed and tear-stained in the flickering dark.

Who guessed then that you would die so young?

I sometimes still feel as if you’ve abandoned me to sleep while I’ve had to watch the whole outlandish spectacle pass by without you. No wonder I’m always nudging someone to say: “Wake up! You’re missing this!

You’re missing the story! You’re missing the music!

- Amy Wack

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