Distance Learning Across CUSD

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the public health preventative and protective measures to control it are surreal, like nothing else. We are living and responding in a “before and after moment” for our nation and our world. As a result, I believe that we will forge new ways of living, working, commuting, consuming, healing, educating, connecting, congregating and with new perspective on our relationship with the environment. Normlessness is the new normal. this pandemic also provides time to reflect on our individual contributions to the health and well-being of self and others. We have an opportunity to stand in solidarity in support of our health practitioners, scientists, first responders, neighbors, friends and family. These are uncharted waters but I know e can navigate them together as a community.

In these unprecedented times, our commitment to connect, challenge and champion every child, every day will not waver. Working in collaboration with our staff and in partnership with ACT leadership, we will design and deploy resources in order for our students to remain engaged. Our students are deserving of and entitled to our best effort and depend on us to seek creative solutions.

Learning experiences will be provided to parents and students in two phases:

Phase 1 (current - March 27) Independent Practice. Instructional resources have been provided via SDCOE and CDE links by grade/subject level with recommended time-on-tasks for students and parents. Resources can be found on our website: https://coronadousd.net/about/covid-19-information/.

Phase 2 (April 6 - TBD) Distance Learning. Standards-based curricula and assignments, developed in week-long blocks, by grade/subject/course specific teachers. Additional information and links to access curricula will be provided to parents and students on Friday, March 27.

Please participate in our ThoughtExchange inn order to share and respond to “big ideas” on ways to keep our students connected and engaged during the State mandated shelter in place. Visit https://my.thoughtexchange.com/scroll/489447623.

On behalf of the CUSD Governing Board, please remain healthy, safe, kind and generous; we are confident that we can weather these tumultuous times together.

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