City Hall Open For (Limited) Business

The City of Coronado is open for business. City Hall operating hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. City Hall doors will remain locked during these operating hours and opened for appointments only.

The number of staff working at City Hall and remotely is being kept to a minimum during this COVID-19 emergency and only those staff required to provide essential services to the public will be deployed for work at City Hall.

Staff working in the Community Development and Engineering departments continue to provide support for issuing building permits, plans and inspections. They are operating by appointment only.

Use of meeting rooms will be kept to a minimum with adherence to the social distancing guidelines of 3-6 foot spacing between attendees. All visitors to City Hall will be required to sign in, obtain a visitor’s badge and perform a self assessment and turn in a form. These procedures have been in effect since April 6.

New Rules At City Facilities

For the health and safety of the community and effective April 6, all those entering any City facility must be in good health, including City employees. Signs were posted at all facilities that require all individuals, before entering the building, to perform an assessment of their health using the following questions:

Do you have a sore throat?

Do you have a current cough (productive or dry?)

Do you have any shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?

Are you experiencing fatigue or muscle soreness?

Patrons also are required to use a thermometer to check their temperatures and answer the following question:

Is your temperature above 100.0 degrees?  

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, they may not enter the building.

City Following County Health Order

San Diego County health officials recently ordered that all employees who may have contact with the public in any grocery store, pharmacy or drug store, convenience store, gas station, restaurant shall wear a mask to cover their faces. The mask requirement was part of an amendment to its March 27 order and went into effect over the weekend.

Effective Tuesday, April 7, every City of Coronado employee is required to wear a face covering or mask that covers the nose and mouth when interacting with the public. It is also strongly recommended that employees have a face covering available to use while in City facilities. Appropriate coverings include scarves, bandanas and nonsurgical masks.

The amended order also requires businesses that allow members of the public to enter a facility to post, by midnight April 7, a “Social Distancing and Sanitation Protocol” form on each facility open to the public. The protocol ensures that all required measures are implemented to ensure social distancing at each facility. It also requires that every employee in an operating, essential facility receive a copy. These documents have been posted at City facilities open to the public as well as at parks and the beach.

City Employees Continue To Ensure Services

Full staffing continues in the City with public safety, including Police, Fire and Lifeguards.

Public Services staff has been minimally reduced and continues to manage vital city services, such as physical infrastructure and maintenance of the City’s beaches, facilities, parks, sanitary sewer and storm drain systems, and rights of way. The department also provides engineering management, including planning, design, construction, and repair of the City’s buildings, parks, streets, and utility systems.

Other departments not mentioned above, including Administrative Services, City Clerk’s Office, Library Services and Recreation and Golf Services, continue to operate at a vital but more basic level.

City Council Item 10c

At its April 7 City Council meeting, Council members considered several agenda items related to businesses operating on City property affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Council authorized the City Manager to:

1.   Execute an amendment to the lease agreement with Bluewater Coronado, waiving monthly lease payments;

2.   Execute an amendment to the lease and loan agreements with Feast and Fareway, waiving monthly rent payments and forbearing monthly loan obligations until the end of the loan term; and

3.   Amend permit conditions to waive Coronado Flower Lady permit fees in the amount of $1,046 per month until the end of the City’s local declaration of emergency.

The City has had a lease agreement with Bluewater Coronado since 2014. The City executed a lease and loan agreement in 2018 with Feast and Fareway to operate a concession at the Coronado Golf Course Clubhouse. In September 2016, the Council authorized a five-year commercial use permit to allow the Coronado Flower Lady to sell flowers from a stand in Rotary Plaza.

City Council Item 10d

The Council considered economic development options for local businesses in response to the COVID-19 downturn. The Council first directed that:

All parking enforcement in the commercial area be suspended during the declaration of the locally declared emergency;

The City establish curbside restaurant pick-up locations along Orange Avenue; and

Fees associated with the Business Registration Program be suspended for the calendar year.

The Council also considered a lifeline loan program that, as proposed by staff, would issue loans, charge little or no interest if the loans are repaid within a certain amount of time and provide loans only to those businesses who contribute to the City’s financial health.

The Council directed staff to identify a financial expert to help create a technical assistance program to help local businesses find out about state and federal economic stimulus programs.

The Council approved in concept a business lifeline loan program funded by the City for loans up to $20,000 with up to $2 million in City funds and directed staff to return with more details on how such a program would be administered, who can apply and other eligibility criteria, and how to apply.

City Council Item 10f

The City Council reviewed the status of beach, park and public facilities closures. At the March 31 special meeting, the Council took the following actions:

• Directed the closure of Coronado Beach, including Dog Beach, on weekends;

• Directed that parking be prohibited on the west side of Ocean Avenue all day, all week;

• Place the dog wash station off-limits;

• Directed that hand sanitizing stations be placed at the entrances to the beach;

• Closed all playgrounds and the Spreckels Park Bandstand;

• Closed all tennis courts;

• Directed the closure of the Boat Launch Ramp when the Port closes San Diego Bay;

• Affirmed the closing of the Lawn Bowling Green and the Golf Course; and

• Requested to review its actions at the April 7 City Council meeting.

After reviewing the March 31 actions, the Council adopted a resolution confirming the closure of Coronado beaches and parking restrictions for the duration of the public health emergency.

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