The San Diego County public health officer has approved the immediate opening of day camps, campgrounds, RV parks and sports fishing. On Friday, June 12, the County will permit the operation of gyms and fitness facilities and pools, including condominium pools.

For public facilities in Coronado, this means that the City will move forward with the soft reopening of Recreation’s 50-meter lap pool, the Community Center’s fitness room, and summer camps. Each of the facilities and activities will be expanded moving forward. as appropriate.

Pools: Five of the 50-meter lanes will reopen for use on June 24. The lanes will be open Monday through Friday from 6 to 11 a.m. Reservations are required and will be taken by phone starting June 17. Swimmers may swim up to three times a week and only once per day. The department is currently rehiring and training staff. The pool has been maintained in working order during the shutdown and the heaters were recently restarted. The City Council directed staff to open the pools and expand services when appropriate. Call (619) 522-7342 for reservations or more information.

Fitness Center: Two people at one time will be permitted to work out in the fitness room at the Community Center beginning June 22. Patrons may work out for up to one hour a day three times a week. Hours are still to be determined. Reservations are required and will be taken starting June 17. Call (619) 522-7342 for reservations.

Summer Camps: Recreation staff is gearing up to hold camps starting June 22. Camps will be limited to 10 campers each. The final camp lineup is still to be determined but staff is working on the online E-brochure set to publish June 16. The anticipated classes, which are taught by independent contractors have submitted their safety protocols and sanitation plans. Registration for residents is June 17-19 using the online registration system Perfect Mind. Phone registration will not be accepted at this time. Residents are encouraged to provide proof of residency prior to June 17 to ensure they have established resident status. Check the City’s website for the E-brochure and your mailbox for a reminder postcard coming soon. Nonresidents and residents may sign up online and by phone beginning June 20. No in-person registration will be allowed at this time.

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